recurring character reference

in case you get lost and/or have that strange feeling you've seen the characters in my stories before here, there or somewhere else, i have created a character reference guide:

the following characters occur in stories that i wish were true but aren't;

**Roth, Indigo Roth of Indigo Roth <---serious linkage -
a excellent master spy with a keen sense of self who shares his life with a lion, an elephant, a bear, and several badgers and is quite often misplaced by accident or intent.  he loves his queen, his country, his best friend Maximilian Tunguska, and most especially pizza with all the trimmings.

**Dr. Maximilian Tunguska of  The Tunguska Event <---serious linkage -
a wonderfully happy, intrigued and talented man who is far smarter than himself and always and forever involved in some sore of secret experiment just outside governmental boundaries. he may also sometimes appear as iDifficult because he is.

**The Waiter - ever present, ever attentive, ever pulling something wonderful from his sleeve.

**Eolist Petite - why that's me, on high doses of coffee of course.

these character stories were/are/will forever be inspired by my comrades in crime fellow writers to whom i cannot wish to hold a candle - or a flame of any sort really - especially after a night spent at the Euthanasia Curry House.

**names have been kept the same to protect the innocent

the following characters occur in stories that are true though i sometimes wish they weren't; 

*John - Eolist's best friend and constant companion while growing up

*Trouble - the younger brother of Eolist who, along with his sister, is the cause of all suffering at the hands of the  Commandant  our mother.

*Trouble's Sister - was actually John's sister but being that she was forever Trouble's sidekick and partner in pointing fingers she was granted sisterhood when John and Eolist decided to disown her.

*Tj [Trouble Junior] - the youngest brother of Eolist, who (obviously) learned from the best.

*The Tiny Tornadoes - the gift of children. is there anything in life better than that?

these characters occur in stories that were/are/will forever be inspired by real life. creative license has been granted to make them palatable for the reader.

*names have been changed to protect the guilty

and last (though not least) there is Henry, my big black imaginary cat and ever faithful companion, whom i hope to share a lot more of...


  1. The cigarette smoking ghost should be in there somewhere.

    I think these character pages are fun. I've added characters, places and some other stuff just to try to ensure that neither of my two readers look at what I've written and go WHAT????

    1. Anonymous7/22/2012

      hmmm... you're right, he visits me frequently. wish i knew who he was.

  2. Were these names changed to protect the innocent?

    1. Anonymous7/22/2012

      obviously... i think...