divinity in ice

it's been cold here in my little corner of the mitten state...

VERRRY cold.

But today while the sun was shining - just to tease me into thinking Spring was near - it glittered off of an odd formation of ice the snow made as it melted off the metal guard
on the chimney next door...

I would guess that if I were catholic I might think it a patron saint, or the mother Mary herself...


because I am not, I will just say it's Jesus looking over my back yard thinking;  wow, eolist, what a mess!

what do you think?  should I call the press?


  1. By all means, call the press. Or, you know, climb up there, capture it, and sell it on Ebay.

    1. HA!! wonder how much I could get for it??

  2. He looks kinda stout/cuddly. And tall. Clearly I'm watching over you... X