free parking

i went shopping today... got nothing but a vanity plate for my jeep and a few bottles of whine wine...

which i would suppose isn't all bad...

anyway,  i strolled out into the parking lot and saw a woman trying to back into a space that her vehicle was really too big for.  but with a few back and forth tries she managed it...

ah but could she open her door and get out?


but she did try...

succeeding only in wedging her car door open against the drivers door of the car she parked next to.

i couldn't help it, i had to comment;  "a little tight?"  i asked.

"yes" she laughed; "i got into the space and now i can't get out of my car and...."  

"your door is wedged open?"  i laughed...

 "yes, and i can't get it unstuck to shut it...." and she laughed more.

"looks like it." i laughed;  "need help?"

"yes, please!"

so i pushed on the door as she pulled and together we got it to come free. 

but before she closed her door completely she said with a laugh; "good thing i don't know whose car this is huh?!?" 

"oh but you do."  i said; "it's mine."

she laughed and laughed and laughed and then shut her door.

after which i went around to the passenger side of my car, crawled over to the drivers side and saluted her as i started my engine.

yeah.  sometimes you just gotta make em squirm a little...


  1. Oooops! Funny, though, and good you didn't start a road rage incident ;)

  2. TAWANDA! (Lucky for her, you hadn't been drinking the wine yet.)

  3. Heh, you are a bad woman. Lovely tale, mind; more please, Shorty! Roth x

    1. as you may recall, my friend, i never ever ever said i was a good woman... which reminds me; do you still have my halo?

    2. Max keeps it with his spare parts, and we did recently use it as a frisbee.

  4. Brilliantly put - excellent tale. x

  5. :-) Very nice!


    1. thank you Pearl... i do hope she doesn't blog... ;)

  6. Replies
    1. it takes a village... or is that a village idiot? hmmm.... can't remember...