what were they thinking


today is my birthday - no i am not going to tell you how many candles were on my cake.

just know that i have been around the block a few more times than  most of you - meaning i am smarter and wiser and have a hell of a lot more wrinkles....

even in places i didn't know wrinkles went.

but this morning i saw an image that i haven't been able to get out of my head all day long.

sex selling a form fitting adult diaper.

which makes me think that even though i may be "smarter and wiser" than most of you my counterparts in the sales biz are not... 

i don't know about you, but this, my friends, does not make me want to run out and buy slim fitting adult diapers...

or a little black dress.

what were they thinking?


on giving thanks

... a very huge thank you sprinkled with lots of love and hugs to all of you who have become my blessing. 

omg i AM old!

this morning i wandered into the living room chatting with Henry who has been purring furiously by my side for the last few weeks...

Henry was chatting on about changing times being good for me or something similar.  I wasn't really paying attention, i was too busy buttoning my sweater.

he cocked his head and smiled at me in that curious manner that normally means he has long known something i am about to learn.

luckily, for me, he spotted a ray of sun streaming through the window, fell silent, padded over to it and turned in a circle that kept getting continuously smaller until he was curled up within it.

too soon though he turned his attention back to the conversation he'd been having with me; "of course you realize donning that sweater is just another sign that you have been choosing to ignore for months now..."  he said.  and then he nudged his head toward the corner of the room as if bidding me to follow...

and i did.

and i was greeted with a sight that caused me to stand there wondering out loud....

oh my god Henry!! when did i get this old!?!


Henry laughed; "don't worry.  it will be okay.  your body ages. every body does.  and too soon the body is gone."

well thank you very much, Henry.  that makes me feel sooo much better about all of this...   i said yanking the heating pad out of the wall socket.

"silly human.  as always, you are missing the point entirely.  you are not your body, you only live in one so other humans can see you. your spirit roams free.  all spirits do.  you only have to remember to allow yourself that freedom.  and, once you do untold joy will come to you."

and i suppose once this untold joy hits me it won't matter that i'm old or wrinkled or alone or curled up in a recliner with a heating pad and a remote... 

Henry turned his attention toward a glitter of dust dancing in the sun and simply said;  "exactly!"