how well do you really know me

I wonder...

if you frequent here you know, of course, that i am vertically challenged and that i drink coffee 24/7 - often by the pot full.

you may even realize that i am extremely intuitive and - though i don't often "trust mine own self to be true" - that i have seen ghosts.  (and yes, they still frighten me right out of my skin)

but did you know that when i am absent from here i dabble in Star Trekerie?


let it be known however, that i am not a manual toting Trekkie. and, though i'm not fond of most of the other series that followed Captain Kirk, i loved Captain Archer and Star Trek: Enterprise.  (take that canon joes!)

i devoted a lot of years to chronicling everything about it and a lot of other Star Trek items for a web site known as TrekPulse before it was completed and subsequently removed from the online world for "Paramount" reasons.

sadly it fell into the hands of those we thought we could trust and went back online shortly after with a new name - but we won't go there now will we?

anyway, last year TrekPulse came back online in a new form.


and me?

well, the sci-fi nerd that i am, i came back online with it.

meaning, i don't just write dribble! i Trek too!  so, if you ever miss me here - you may find this little nerdling over there searching for - and publishing - little known Star Trek facts...

or drooling over new ones.

nerdlings - we are everywhere!

and  god bless us, every one.


  1. Live long and prosper!

  2. Replies
    1. Anonymous10/26/2012

      only if you Trek with me. ;)

  3. On my father-in-law's gravestone we put "beamed up stardate ...." on. Apparently people come to take photos......

    I on the other hand may well be "going where no man has gone before". I hope it's a nice temperature!

  4. Anonymous10/26/2012

    Oh yeah? Truly? Welcome to the club. We have jackets. Well, they're not so much jackets as they are uniforms. I only wear the red one when I'm on the bridge, and never, EVER on away missions.

    1. Anonymous10/26/2012

      wise thinking!

      ps; i want a jacket!

  5. Hey Lady! This is fab, spent the past 1/2 hour researching *avoiding work* over there, lots of cool things! I am currently reading the Dr Who / Generations crossover comic, the artwork can be a little too 'artsy' at times, but the story is quite fun :D

    1. Anonymous10/30/2012

      thank you!
      and yes, i agree - the Dr Who / Generations crossover artwork is a little too over the top... but I so love the good Dr not batting a lash while stepping on Captain Picard and his ego. >;)