how well do you really know me

I wonder...

if you frequent here you know, of course, that i am vertically challenged and that i drink coffee 24/7 - often by the pot full.

you may even realize that i am extremely intuitive and - though i don't often "trust mine own self to be true" - that i have seen ghosts.  (and yes, they still frighten me right out of my skin)

but did you know that when i am absent from here i dabble in Star Trekerie?


let it be known however, that i am not a manual toting Trekkie. and, though i'm not fond of most of the other series that followed Captain Kirk, i loved Captain Archer and Star Trek: Enterprise.  (take that canon joes!)

i devoted a lot of years to chronicling everything about it and a lot of other Star Trek items for a web site known as TrekPulse before it was completed and subsequently removed from the online world for "Paramount" reasons.

sadly it fell into the hands of those we thought we could trust and went back online shortly after with a new name - but we won't go there now will we?

anyway, last year TrekPulse came back online in a new form.


and me?

well, the sci-fi nerd that i am, i came back online with it.

meaning, i don't just write dribble! i Trek too!  so, if you ever miss me here - you may find this little nerdling over there searching for - and publishing - little known Star Trek facts...

or drooling over new ones.

nerdlings - we are everywhere!

and  god bless us, every one.

what does your coffee say about you?

not my work, but i found this article humorous and (maybe) just a little bit true.

What does your coffee say about you?
(made a bit more palatable by yours truly)

Black Coffee: You are Self-possessed and kind of badass. Acquaintances may describe you as "blunt" and "gruff" on a good day. You lean against the doors on the subway because;  "that’s what they’re there for, b*tches!"

Decaf Coffee with Half-and-Half:  You are the definition of milquetoast, not to mention insecure and a touch confounding.   You are often attracted to Non-Decaf Coffee with Half-and-Half drinkers, as you are searching for something a little more adventurous than yourself.

Double Shot Espresso: You are not a self-starter, but definitely a go-getter.  Life is a series of events you attack with gusto.  You go big, but God knows you never go home.       
Cold Brew in a Bottle: You'd rather be drinking a beer, but beer won’t lift you off the stinking pavement at 10 a.m. on a 100-degree day.  You are probably wearing a straw fedora but you are most definitely wearing a low-cut, striped tank top that coquettishly reveals a wishbone necklace or errant chest hairs.

Cappuccino:  You are usually the insouciant hot girl/guy in the corner.  You dance with abandon.  Your morning-after scrambled eggs are epic.  You thrive on independence, but tell the best stories at parties.

Macchiato: You are cerebral and refined and linger over the small pleasures in life. You always return library books before they’re due.  You can be relied on in any situation.

Soy Latte: Your body is a temple.  You may just be lactose intolerant, but are most likely only afraid the whole milk will go straight to your thighs.  It’s OK; it goes to everyone else’s thighs, too.  ;)

Iced Vanilla Mint Frappuccino with Extra Whipped Cream: You are SUPER HAPPY FUN FUN - for two reasons:  You are generally boisterous and you have just ingested far too much sugar.  You love Christmas! But actually, you HATE coffee.

Tea: You are a rebel!  Who drinks tea at a coffee shop?  You are unfailingly polite.  Mothers ask after you, always.  You secretly wish you were drinking coffee.

So,  which one are you? 

Me?!?  oh... i hover between black and cappuccino... 

meaning i must be one self possessed gruff blunt bad assed good lookin' egg cookin' story tellin' corner hugger....