worse off than me..

there was i surfing the net and feeling all sorts of sorry for myself

when i came across this...

this isn't cute...

look at those sad little eyes.  this poor little guy is standing there all wet and shivering and thinking; "and you think you got troubles?"

i may be highly un-enlightened, but since when do bunnies need bubble baths?

somebody get that poor little man a heated towel and a carrot!


  1. Hey Shorty! Ooooh, da bunny! (May I squeee?) Poor lad! I also fail to see the point, but I guess we all need a bath occasionally? Allegedly. Nothing a deodorant can't fix, right? Roth x

  2. The only excuse for that is a run-in with a skunk. Poor bunny!

  3. AWWW poor little thing!!! I love it and want to take it home with me!