third time charmed...

i am currently at a conference which i don't have to attend...

in a beautiful area...

in a beautiful hotel...

with a key card that wouldn't work anywhere but my room...

without anything/one to clean up after (heaven. i'm in heaven...) i've had time to finish reading one of the books i started in the spring and realize via the second that (like it or not) i am responsible for creating my own chaos. (hmmm... that must also mean that i am indeed in control of my own destiny -those of you who have consistently smacked me with that bat now have my permission to cheer.)


this morning i wandered to the pool for a swim only to find my room key card wouldn't open the door...

so i wandered back to the lobby desk to inquire. 

the desk clerk had the consierge (i love that word!) walk me back to the pool where he asked me to try my key card in the lock (because i obviously have no idea how to correctly use the key card - never mind i've already been here 2.5 days already) and guess what?!?

it didn't work...  red light.  no go.  locked.


he said; "huh..." in a very puzzled manor and let me in with his key...

i had a nice swim and came back. 

after lunch, because it is quite costly to have internet in your room and i wanted to research some items for work (yes seriously), i wandered down to the hotel's free business internet sanctum and inserted my key card...

red light.  sorry.  not valid.  denied.  game over.  go home.

so i wandered to the lobby desk to inquire...

the same desk clerk was there.  she must have read it on my face because in a quite surprised tone she said;  "again?!?! i am so sorry! that just isn't right.  let me just get you a new key card."

and when i inserted the new key card...

*bing*!  green light.  go.  you may enter here.

i was in...

however, after i settled my behind at an empty computer, every time i pulled up a page it closed and some sort of ACCESS DENIED warning popped up though i am fairly sure the guy on the next computer was surfing porn...  (go figure)

after the umpteenth attempt up came a page asking me to log in with the hotel code...

and i wandered to the lobby desk to inquire... 


"seriously?"  she said after i explained; "there is no code..." 

this time didn't bother the consierge she brought me back to the computer and tried to pull up a page herself but the computer was having none of it...

"huh..." she said in a quite puzzled manor.  "this should not be happening." she looked toward the lobby desk,scooted very close to me and scribbled something on a small piece of paper and stuck it in my hand; "you didn't get this from me." she said. "but this log in will give you free internet access in your room for the duration of your stay..."

free hot breakfast in the morning... 
free snacks and drinks in the evening...
free interenet access in my room...

some times life does indeed bring you exactly what you need.

and i would be wise to remember that!  ;)




  1. Hey Eolist! Glad to see you adapt magnificently! As Max says, "when life gives you lemons, make a quantum oscillator." Roth x

    1. Anonymous9/17/2012

      *finds a hair pin and a piece of gum*

  2. Ah... the advantages of being hopeless with a key card. Hope you ordered up a silver urn full of coffee from room service. (With an expensive dinner to accompany it.)

    1. Anonymous9/17/2012

      you know it Paula! =)

  3. Anonymous9/17/2012

    Now to figure out how to get those three things free in my house.

  4. Very good article. Congratulations.

  5. Woohoo! This post breathes contentment. By the way, I love Indigo's comment. It made me chuckle. Needed that today. Enjoy your 'enhanced' stay!

    1. Anonymous9/17/2012

      Thank you Rebecca. :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Where is this hotel? I want this lovely vacation you are having right now!

    You deserve it though!