the "D" word

no matter how much i may have considered the "D" word or thought it might be the best thing when things were bad.

i was wrong.  

it feels different when it slaps you in the face for real.

whether it makes me an idiot or not, i am still willing to do whatever it takes to make things work just like i always have been. 

but he believes he has already exhausted all possibilities.  

would i be better off without him?  probably.  

do i want to be without him all things considered? no.  

and we aren't even going to question the "L" word because i always have and i always will.  

and so will our children.

and their children.

personally i think a lifetime and a family who loves you fully and completely no matter what is a hell of a thing to throw away because you think you might be happier elsewhere.

which is probably why at the moment i think he is a selfish man who wants what he wants and there will be no discussion involving any alternative choices. 



  1. Anonymous8/29/2012

    I think you need some whiskey in that coffee. More whiskey than coffee.

    1. Anonymous8/29/2012

      this is probably true. x

  2. I don't think anything said here will make you feel any better. Been there once myself. I know how I felt about it at the time and it was sh*t.

    Thinking about you. Even though we've never met,

    Have a virtual hug.


  3. heart sinks a little at the thought.
    I can't think of what to say because you will have done everything you can to keep it together.

    Thinking of you...thinking of him...hoping for a good outcome.

    1. Anonymous8/30/2012

      miracles happen. this i know. but i am no longer holding my breath.

  4. Sounds like he doesn't appreciate you or your love.

    No judgement on him, just stating what I think :)

    Take the time to think of what you need and want...not him, not your kids, just you.

    And know that you have a huge virtual support system! xoxox

  5. Yeah, what Kato said. Hugs honey x

  6. Oh, Annie... I was in the exact same place several years ago. I wanted to keep on working things out when he came home one day and said he was in love with someone else and wanted out... no discussion. While in the long run it's for the best, it totally sucks! A total slap in the face that I'm still trying to recover from. Hugs to you, my dear!