loss and gain - or - i have the best friends in the universe.

Dr. Max Tunguska places a plate piled full of biscotti on the table, situates himself on the chair opposite me and picks up a blank piece of paper.

Eolist!?! he says, examining it front, back, up, down and sideways; i thought we were here to proofread your blog entry.  where is it?!?  oooh! is this my new invisible ink that will appear last month?

my eyes mist over;  no. unfortunately i lost the blog entry Max....

lost it!?!  lost it how?

i have no idea, it was all there and all ready to go, i simply needed to add one final paragraph from another source. simple right? just an easy cut and past operation. 

that might be your problem E. Indigo Roth says.  a fresh pot of coffee in his hand he quietly fills my mug;  you are quite a whiz with a knife, but paste?  paste is an entirely different subject all together.

Max nods in agreement as Roth drops down into the third chair wondering out loud where the waiter, who should have been serving us, is hiding.

oh it isn't just cutting and pasting. it gets worse...

worse?  they both ask in unison

yes. worse.  i cut with precision but when i attempted to paste, my entire blog entry dissipated into thin air.  i saw a glimpse of it and re-opened the wound, but a warning popped up.  it said something about recovery but i wasn't listening.... 

i sipped my coffee and picked up a biscotti.

...and then it said something about salvation.  so i chose to save the poor little buggar that had just taken a trip into the netherworld.  and then it asked me if i wanted to save the previous version... 

Roth dipped a hazelnut biscotti into his mug;  and did you?

well no.  i didn't want the previous version.  i wanted the version i was looking at.  the version i only had to paste the tiny little paragraph onto.  why would i want the previous unfinished version after i worked all morning perfecting it into a shining new version?

Tunguska sips his brew and agrees; right. right. why would you want the unfinished version? after which his brow began to show signs of problem solving.

right!  so i clicked "no" and then stupidly

you attempted once again to cut and paste onto it....


and again it vanished.  right!?

tears welled in my eyes; yep. it did. poof. gone. sunofa... but wait.  the file was still there!  so i opened it like a giddy school girl... 

and that's when i knew i'd seriously done the wrong thing and landed myself two weeks ago on sunday.

the light bulb over Max's head went on;  don't tell me! i know!! the previous previous version came back didn't it!? 

yeah.... and all those hours i spent this morning were gone as fast as the tips of the waiter's fingers during the first test of our new coffee blend. i sobbed.

Roth, carefully taking my paste, said; well E.  at least we still have the billboard. 

and the recipe! 

which only i can read.   Max added

and Miss, thanks to Roth, you still have the grand new redesign of your blog.  which is quite stunning i might add! said the waiter, who had suddenly appeared to pour all of us a fresh mug of brew.

Max and Roth simultaneously smiled those sinister smiles they get when something is about to happen which i know nothing about...

The waiter, winking at those smiles, fishes a very large box from his left interior pocket with his non-bandaged hand and presents it to me with a card he produces from his sleeve;

in the box is an overly large overly beautiful commemorative mug!

aw gee... thank you!;  i blubbered; for everything. i love you too! 

the waiter produced a king sized box of tissues from his lapel...

and after hugs all around all was once again well with my world.



  1. Were Indigo and Max eating your paste again? (I thought they'd gotten over that obsession in grammar school.) Better be sure those mugs are filled to the brim with Eolist Blend to distract them the next time you go to cut and paste!

    1. Anonymous8/04/2012

      a wise idea. must write that down somewhere they will never find it...

  2. Hey Eolist! I have no idea how we ever get any sleep with all that coffee going on. I'm delighted you were finally able to recover some of your work; I delete things all the time =D Roth x

    1. Anonymous8/04/2012

      i've heard that sleep is over rated. ;)

  3. Like Roth I too have lost many things at the altar of the Great God Cut And Paste. To be honest I now do the bigger stuff on word and {takes deep breath and speaks quietly} COPY and paste across to blogger. I only delete the word doc after publishing a post.

    That way I'm guaranteed not to lose stuff.


    1. Anonymous8/04/2012

      that's how i always do it to. this blog entry was the first and only one i have ever written entirely within the blogger.
      i was attempting to paste a paragraph from a second word document into the first word document but instead it shut the document down completely.
      of course it came back up just as it was, which is when it questioned me and stupidly i chose not to save it before i tried to paste the same darn paragraph in and lost it all the way back to the starting point... *sigh*

  4. Awww....you DO have some great friends. Strange ones, but great nevertheless :)