some old fart on a slide

just before the 4th of July holiday i spent a gloriously long weekend relaxing at a house on a lake with my my family and my two tiny tornadoes...

we paddle boated;

we jet skied;

we swam;

we lit sparklers;

yours truly even MacGyvered a fire from half a napkin and a tiny piece of cardboard which obviously made my daughter proud - or gave her cause to snap a photo that will forever hang over the head of her dad, the master fire starter....

and then the master fire starter and i brought the tiny tornadoes to the park across the water to play on this bad baby;

well, if you know me, you know i cannot resist a playground slide...  

so when the tiniest tornado said; "come on grama!"  i didn't hesitate.

i climbed the ladder and slid down the first slide.

but that wasn't enough...

there were THREE slides and i really needed to try them all - at the insistence of those cute puppy eyed tiny tornadoes of course.

and so i did...

first the smooth wide slide

and then the bumpy narrow slide

and finally, after crawling through the long tunnel i ended up on the corkscrew slide

where mr petite snapped this photo of some old fart having the time of her life - which i am certain will always hang over my head as a payback for daring to macgyver over his head and start a fire all by myself;

have i mentioned just how much i love my children and their children lately? 

s'mores anyone?


  1. Good for you - you old fart!

    Lovely photo's EP!

    1. Anonymous7/12/2012

      thank you Alistair. =)

  2. Hey Eolist! No wonder we couldn't find you when we christened your new EolistBlend(TM) coffee. It looks like an awesome break! And lookin' good, Shorty! Roth x

    1. Anonymous7/13/2012

      damn shame i missed the christening party! i should've thought to have you and Dr. T bring it there.
      maybe we can try it again last year?

  3. I go down the twirly slide almost every day at work! I use the excuse that my kids are too small to go down by themselves. Now, if only they'd allow me to build fires and light sparklers with them...

  4. Looks like a very good time was had by all! Summer fun is the best, especially when it involves lakes, docks, boats, slides, and CHILDREN!

  5. I LOVE this post! You are the coolest (not to mention gorgeous) grandma of all time! You keep on going down those us all how the best do it!