dave would be proud...

or maybe not. 

but this little guy knows how to live. 

while all the pompous b wealthy boys are in the pool, he's enjoying his little self drinking the last bit of their pina colada's. 

gentleman that he is, he's already stashed its tiny umbrella somewhere safe and made plans to take a lovely evening stroll in the rain with the one he loves... 

or, true to Alvin's form, he's simply drinking all that liquid so he can pee in the rich kids pool...

and now i understand exactly why he reminds me of myself.

Happy Mother's Day!

"grama, you have something on your face."

"do i?  where?"

"right there by your mouth."

"is it gone? now?"



"no...    it's always there... "

"it's like lines."

"lines?...  oh! you mean wrinkles."

"wrinkles?  yes... wrinkles...  how do  you get them?

"i don't really know, they just happen all by themselves."

 "i think you got them because you smile so much."

"and i think you are the smartest girl in the world!"

on the wagon...

like my partners in crime comrades, Roth and Tunguska,  i've jumped on the web domain ownership wagon.

i fell off a couple times and even broke it once too,  but thanks to my very own Mr. Wizard, Rob Gallagher - bless his extremely high tolerance level, i think i am finally safely seated here at  

now, lets see what else i can screw up....