cat and mouse


but sometimes pretending not to is everything...

don't piss me off art!

i socialize on networks because i like to giggle and because - for the most part - i love people and the joy and diversity they bring into my life...

.... so yesterday i am on my least favorite social networking site checking out what may - or may not, depends how much they pad the truth - be happening in the lives of my friends and relatives, god bless em all**...

and i am sensing a pattern which i find highly disruptive to my visual, emotional and general well being...

i was visually bombarded by highly explicit photos surrounding religious, political, moral and personal issues intending to solicit my sympathy.  photos that when shown on the nightly news, come after a disclaimer saying; "Some viewers may find the following photos highly disturbing. Please remove children and those faint of heart from the room."

if you know me, you know that i am not a cynic nor am i blind to causes, but i don't solicit and i don't appreciate being solicited.  i run under the assumption that we all have our own value system that shows in our daily life - if others want  explanations, they are free to ask, and we are free to share.  (note that i said share not solicit or recruit )    

normally i simply overlook the one or two solicitations that sneak onto my page, but yesterday was an exception...

yesterday there were far too many of them and, even though i tried, it made not seeing them impossible.  instead, silly me, i tried hiding them one by one but doing that seriously made me feel guilty for something i did/do not do and extremely nauseated...

and then it made me angry - which surely isn't the response they were hoping for i'm sure.  why should i have to hide pages full of explicit violence that i didn't post?

though i tried to contain it, there it was;  extreme pissoffedness...

extreme pissoffedness that finally forced me to post this warning on my timeline;

if you are going to post photos of dead children and/or partial abortions or anything resembling abuse in any form please add my name to your blocked list. i am not here to share that sort of shit with you. 

though once it posted i truly wished i would have been more thorough AND added if you do not i will block you accordingly - because i certainly will.  of course, as we all know, our best thoughts come long after confrontations...

then, to add to my already emotional state, private messages started piling up in my email box;  hey, are you talking about me and my photos? 

my answer to that; - an answer i did not send back and won't because, as they say; 'ignorance is bliss' -  if you felt compelled to ask if my posting was because of your photo/s, you probably already know the answer....  

rude?  yes, more than likely it was and is.

a complete and total "bad" on my part?  according to some, yes. without a doubt.

do i care? no.  i don't.  and i won't "should" on myself for it either.

because this kind of thing seriously affects the quality of my life and - one way or another - my life will be better for it.

**note: i sat through a sermon once wherein the minister said: "One should not gossip or speak ill of anyone, however if you really need to and don't want it to be counted as sin always use the words "God bless her/him/them" before or after your statement... 

surely the minister must have asked God before and been assured this was true or he wouldn't have made such a bold statement....  right?

....kudos if you recognized my title - its a quote from a movie we use often in this house - dysfunctional families make me feel right at home.  ;)

Evey Action - View from the Petite Side

this stoy follows The Tunguska Event - A tilogy in thee pats  - View fom the Petite Side

As we sat in the coffee shop, mugs filled to the bim, i listened in as Oth and Tunguska  decided wethe o not we would be etuning to the past o heading to the futue to fix what appeaed to have been a gave mistake on my pat.  But i was fa too attached to my mug of bew to help much – o maybe i just wasn’t yet willing to ight a wong...

Beside, they wee smat and they could figue it out while i sipped.  

Cumbs, I'll have to ceate a tachyon pulse to affect my bainwaves so as I'll ealise going to Geece is a bad idea and I shouldn't do it. Maybe I should genetically alte my bain to make it moe tachyon sensitive too. Tunguska mubbled.

Could you not leave youself a note on the fidge suggesting you go to Slough athe than ancient Geece? suggested Oth, looking moe than a bit iitated with Max.

My dea Oth, that is a athe emakable ecommendation!

I couldn’t help myself though, i had to chime in;  I do believe Oth was being as sacastic as you wee Max...  

Oh? Was he? I thought he didn’t undestand the ules of sacasm.  Tunguska snoted.

No. that was Scabble, and it’s Eolist who doesn’t undestand the ules!  Oth shot back.

Oh i undestand them all ight, i just don’t fancy cheates...

Tunguska’s eyes suddenly lit up like a chistmas tee.  I had to shield mine fom them fo fea of being buned.  He eally has to stop expeimenting with those edible electodes.  his voice was filled with tiumph;  Ah yes, now I emembe! We wee playing Scabble in the Vatican with the Pope! Tunguska then pulled a make fom his font pocket and began doodling some sot of mathmatical equation on the table.

Oth ginned.  Ha! I do believe that was the fist time i have eve head a Pope swea. 

Don’t emind me.  I mutted tying had to hide behind my coffee mug. 

You mean don’t 'humilate me' do you not? Oth ginned fa too wide fo his own good.

Look. Fo the last time, he cheated and we all know it!

He was the Pope dea. Pope’s aen’t allowed to cheat at Scabble, i think they take an oath explicitly saying so.  He was simply using Geek, it’s not his fault you don’t speak it.

Definantly i folded my ams in font of myself; Well Geek wods shouldn’t be allowed when only one peson playing knows how to spell them!

Actually I believe it was Latin…  Tunguska absently added, scatching his head befoe aising one bow and then the othe.

But it was Geek to Eolist, wasn’t it?  Oth laughed.

I liked it bette when you wee the one squiming Oth! 

Tunguska took Oth’s mug – he knows fa bette than to eve touch mine unless he is going to fill it – and placed it in the middle of his equation.  DONE. THAT’S IT!! I’VE GOT IT!!!


Etineo?!?! Oth and I questioned at the self-same time, both of us hoping we didn’t look as dumb as the othe did.

Yes! Etineo! Emembe? Tunguska’s ams waved in gloious victoy. The Pope played it off of Eolist’s wod!

Oth and I looked at each othe.  Nope. Ou hopes wee dashed. Both of us did indeed look as dumb as the othe.

Tunguska poked his finge into the make-shift Scabble boad he’d ceated on the table...

See, The Pope played sumo…

Oth was wise now and laughed; ah yes. Now I emebe! Eolist said he couldn’t play sumo because…

Sumo was a pope noun!  

Oth laughed even hade; … it’s Latin fo “buy” E.

So he says, but we all know the Pope meant Sumo as in Sumo Westle! And that’s a noun! And he cheated!

And E played sephent off of it.

Ight!  And then she claimed he was one. A snake and a half as I ecall.

Ight! And then he played etineo off of this blank spot ight hee!

Yeah, etineo, which he claimed meant “to keep.” Ha!

“I’ll show you keep!” you said. Just befoe you tossed the boad and got us all aested! 

Eolist, you took the combined lette?!? 

I sunk into my seat feeling fa smalle than I actually am.  But in my defense, how was I supposed to know the Pope was in chage of the entie alphabet? o that taking one small Scabble piece would scew up the entie wold as we knew it? 

Tunguska was beside himself pleased that he’d figued out the iddle. Oth howeve appeaed a bit like he wanted that lette put back whee it belonged….

Okay, moe like he’d wanted it put back yesteday.

Eolist, that space thee would be the missing pat of my name!  Oth said in no tone whatsoeve, but i suddenly felt bad and I knew it wasn’t because I’d had too much caffeine.  

And though I had tuly loved watching Oth squim, I knew I pobably should allow Tunguska to put things ight again.
So you’e saying the Pope has talked jibbeish long enough to have leaned his lesson and I should etun the missing bit?

Yes! They both said in unison. 

And if I say no?  I sighed, though I knew I wouldn't.

Fully and totally you call EolistTunguska said. Answe waiting finges tapping out that familia huy up tune…  Of couse it would mean taveling to Italy some time just befoe the event and placing it back without being seen…

Have you pefected you Invisibility cloaks yet D . T.? Oth inquied.

In fact I have! Just next week I sent them to Eolist’s waite fo safe keeping.

Oth eminiced;  Ah, Italy…

The Vatican...

And vinyads…

And love…

And outdoo cafes with Tiamisu and…

then he leaned in vey close to my ea and said;


Cappuccino!?! I pulled the lette out of my pocket and placed it in the empty space on the make-shift Scabble boad.  How soon do we leave?