SOPA PIPPA s'cuse me while i rippa

Anonymous Attacks Justice Dept as FBI Shuts Down File Sharing Site

this is why i did not, do not, and will not support yesterday's SOPA/PIPPA  blackout. 

as a general rule i don't believe people are really pissing about what the government might do if this law is passed, what i see them truly screaming about is the fact that they won't be able to share/download things they should be purchasing and/or renting in the first place. 

and, as a general rule online websites aren't really pissing about what the government might do if this law is passed, but about the fact that they won't be able to make money from people (by selling their information) who are sharing/downloading things people should be purchasing and/or renting in the first place.

so while they are all screaming this law is not legal and it will change our lives forever if it is passed - and it just may - my question still remains;

what are these same protesters going to do - and who are they going to - go to when i or anyone else starts taking their copy written stuff in the same manner?  because my friends, any way you look at it this is a two edged sword. 


  1. Clap clap clap!!!


    1. Anonymous1/20/2012

      thank you Alistair. i appreciate knowing i'm not alone. x

  2. Anonymous1/20/2012

    And if you'll follow over to my blog, you'll see a special post linking to the Mashable article about...THE DEATH OF SOPA!! That's right! The bill has died, momentarily at least.

  3. This is most interesting.

    Do I expect scamming sites to be shut down? Absolutely. Do I expect to pay for films, songs and software? Yes - if someone put loads of effort and creativity into something then they are entitled to charge for it and not have everyone steal it.

    Do I want the American Govenrment (or our own equally stupid government in London) in control of the Internet? Not likely. SOPA and PIPA are too vague and amount to handing over control of the Internet to lawyers and government legal teams.

    E.g. Because Fred blogs puts a link to a download of some copyrighted work on Twitter, should Twitter be taken off the net as a "site enabling files sharing" because the twitter people didn't follow the link and check it out?

    Could the google search engine be taken down because of same issue?

    How about Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail?

    It's law based on "lets provide powers and then we'll allow a big company's service to be shutdown and then well have a year long test case to work out the details. It's bullshit.

    By the fact that an existing known filessharng site was taken down this week, governments do not seem to need more powers.

    1. Anonymous1/21/2012

      well said.

      do i want government factions controlling the internet? no.

      however, do we seriously want to be controlled by by those who decide we are entitled to anything and everything just because Joe paid for his copy? and/or those whose pockets are already lined with money gained by selling private information we don't even realize we've given?

      Facebook/Twitter/Networking/Whateveryoudoonline is never free and every sigle day the internet is being streamlined to gain more sellable information from us without us ever noticing it's doing so - the governments would be proud if they had this kind of know how...

      Consumers have to stop looking at the glitter and start looking at the paste underneath.

      at this point if it's in print you have a good chance at saying "it's mine and you can't take it!" but if it's online it already belongs to everyone and you may as well consider it gone.

    2. Your first two sentences are not the choice being offered by SOPA and PIPA. The people in charge of the Internet are not the crooks but mostly institutions and companies trying to do business within the law. The don't want to be crippled by the courts every time one of their customers uses their services in an inappropriate and illegal manner. It's like shutting a library down because there is one book with plagiarised material in there.

    3. this i understand, and you are correct.

      you are also correct regarding the legislation in place for illegal internet piracy.

      perhaps i was wrong in titling my blog SOPA/PIPA - because the subsequent taking down of an illegal site had nothing to do with that legislation - and yet everything to do with it - at least in my neck of the back woods.

      my references are more geared toward those consumers and web owners who jumped on the SOPA/PIPA wagon because they believe we are entitled to whatever copy written materials any one of us legally or illegally shares online and those who cheered the hacking of government agencies when that "right" was taken away.

      these are the people who need to understand exactly why it is that governments believe we need further legislation in place, and exactly what it is they are asking for in an internet that has no stop-checks in place whatsoever.

    4. My nervousness about these acts comes from concerns over government or corporate control over the Internet. We applaud when social media and the Internet help bring down a dictatorship - yet we seek to allow our governments the level of control the dictatorships couldn't manage. ARPANET upon which our current Internet was based was a military project to design a network that would be hard to disrupt. This is the key to its success - it is all pervasive. We pour scorn on the "great firewall of china" but some seem to think a great wall of USA is smart. As in china where this wall is pierced, the illegal filesharers will continue through the great wall of USA.

      Without quality investigative reporting (which is as dead overhere as I believe it is in the US), the Internet serves as a check and balance on the powers of government. They try to keep things from us - we can find them and make them public. This is vital. The freedom of the individual is more tied up in a free Internet than it is in the concepts and structure of democracy.

    5. Anonymous1/22/2012

      but investigative reporting far different than a malicious 'ha! we have you by the balls!' government break in and shut down. is the next step your bank account?

      maybe there is no easy answer.

      or maybe the answer is as simple as each one of us - including networking site executives - playing nice with everyone else in the sandbox.

      of course, you and i both know that will never happen. somebody will always be enticed to throw sand - especially if the enticer stands to earn an extra shovel.

  4. I agree with you about filesharing, illegal downloading and all that. I do worry though, if a little girl like one of my own makes a funny video that she posts on Youtube using music that another artist created, that SOPA would then make it possible for my little girl to be sued. As a friend said, if they do this to the internet it will be no different than TV. But then, I may not have all the facts.