smiling is everything

when i was little - maybe 4.  although it could have been 2 - i was sitting there with my hot mug of coffee and my mom said; "if you keep drinking that stuff it will stunt your growth and turn your hair dark....

one only has to meet me in person to realize my mother was indeed correct.

she also warned me when i pouted that a bird was going to shit on my bottom lip and/or some day my face was going to "stick like that!"

which may be exactly why i believe that smiling is everything.


  1. Hey Eolist! I think you taking part in the Caffeine Exchange Program between the USA and the UK may have had something to do with it too. But you wouldn't be the same any other way! Indigo x

  2. bless you Sir. i still remember my very first cup at London Heathrow and all the others that came after.

  3. Anonymous1/10/2012

    My mom used to say that same thing whenever brother or I used to pout. "Keep it up and the bluebird of happiness is going on land on your lip and shit in your mouth."

    Love that woman.

    If your blood type is Coffee, mine must be sugar.