Clock Watching from the Cafe... OR; Sprocket? What Sprocket?

At a café just up the street from Clock Watching  (Dr Max Tunguska's tale)

Indigo Roth sat across the booth nervously fidgeting, a noticeable amount of glistening liquid beading up at his hair line and in the spot where a mustache might have been next week and may indeed be last week.  He seemed preoccupied with something.  Something I was sure had everything to do with the tiny sprocket and handful of old pennies he’d handed me at the bottom of the clock tower.

The good Dr Max Tunguska sat next to me against the window, eyes fixed on a tiny speck of dirt on the sill, his fingers tapping the table in that foreign secret agent code only he and Roth understand.  I had no doubt he was communicating the effects - or possible after effects - of some sort of scientific experiment which I could only hope I wasn't a part of.
And me, well, I was out of coffee. Again. I signaled the waitress to bring another pot.  Seconds later she stood at the table smiling...  or maybe she was flirting because damn if she didn’t bat her lashes and pick up Roth’s cup first. 

Roth raised a brow and sent a silent snort in my direction after which he thanked her profusely while pushing my mug out from under her nose and handing her Tunguska’s mug instead.  

I kicked him sharply under the table secretly wishing I’d worn my pointy toed shoes...  

Roth kicked back but hit the good doctor instead, abruptly moving his thought pattern away from the tiny spec of dust; “I am still beside myself thinking about that Eolist knee pinch!....”  he began...

The waitress poured the last drop of coffee from her pot into his mug and sat it down in front of him. she then glanced back in another exaggerated smile at  Roth which revealed every single one of her overly whitened perfectly aligned teeth…  

Roth raised his full mug in a toast toward my empty one and sniggered while ever so politely asking Ms Pearly Whites to bring back a plate of custard filled bear claws – which he knows I detest - along with the full pot of coffee she was about to fetch.  She batted her thick lashes and moved on while I quietly wondered what she might look like missing a few teeth in the front… 

Tunguska shifted to face me;  “…seriously.  The way you took down that guard by simply tweaking his knee was no less than impressive!”  

Roth wiped the sweat from his brow and laughed, no doubt glad his fretting had been interrupted; "Impressive?  Ha! That? Why that’s no more impressive than a Vulcan nerve pinch.  Which, in fact, it is!  Eolist here, tiny thing that she is, simply grew tired of carrying around chairs and ladders to climb on just so she could use it! So I told her to try it at the knee and…

“...Roth went down like a bolt and cried for two weeks after!" I interjected; "In fact, he still whines whenever I come at him with my fingers poised to strike…

I most certainly do not!

You most certainly do too!

Do no… oh look! Bear claws filled with custard!” he smirked triumphantly; “And yes, actually, I will have a refill thank you!

Ms. Pearly Whites again batted her lashes and, again, filled his mug first   Roth reached across the table for Tunguska’s mug but drew back in whimper when I raised my hand and poised my fingers to pinch.  

HA! told ya so!”  

I raised my mug in false triumph toward Ms Pearly White's and her pot, and just as the first drop of coffee splashed into the bottom …


The sound noise was deafening and a small part of the window shattered.

If I’d not been holding my mug for a refill I may have even covered my ears.

Roth’s eyes grew wide around the bear claw that was about to be bitten in half and quietly slid the rest of the full tray toward me...

I was about to shove them back when the coffee overflowed my mug spilling hot onto my hand;.   “HEY!

Instead an overly excited Tunguska pushed the tray full of bear claws back toward Roth; “BRILLIANT ROTH! YOU’VE DONE IT! BRIIIILLLLLIIIIIANNNTTTT!!!” and bumped me onto the floor placing his cup under the pot in one smooth move.  “No sense wasting good food then is there?” 

What the h…”  I started to protest but quickly realized the coffee had filled Tunguska’s mug and was now splashing off the table where the tray had been and onto the seat where I once was.

I decided to thank him instead…

"You're more than welcome." Tunguska replied reaching for a bear claw.  “I had my doubts Roth. I sincerely did…” 

Once back on my feet with no coffee spilled whatsoever - yes. I AM that good - I noticed that Ms Pearly Whites was frozen stiff... 

As was the rest of the world both inside and outside of the café.


And, may I say; Thank You Good Doctor. After all, I did learn from the best!” Roth beamed with pride. He probably would have stood and bowed but I was already climbing up into the dry side of the booth making it impossible for him to get out.

After situating myself next to Roth i noticed that Ms Pearly Whites was locked there looking at him with a smile the size of which caused me to wonder whether or not I had left the permanent tooth doodling marker Tunguska invented next year in my purse...

I thought to look for it but instead snatched a straw from her pocket, no sense wasting hot coffee!  Unwrapping the straw I questioned; “You do realize, of course, that you will have to start time again at some point... Right? I mean, you have thought this through fully haven’t you Roth?”

Don’t be daft Eolist! Of course I’ve thought this through fully! All I have to do is climb back up there and put this little sprocket here back…Roth reached beneath his suit jacket and patted his front left pocket. He then patted his right front pocket, his eyes searching his brain for clues. When it was clear he wasn’t finding any, he patted his suit pockets - inside outside bottom and top before moving onto his pants…

Tunguska waved his hand through the air erasing the urgency that hung there; “That’s okay.  We can forge a sprocket, but you do still have that hand full of pre-decimal coins that regulate the seconds... Right?” 

Yes. I do.  I have them right here… or maybe I put them… wait... no…  oh yes, here they are…  um…no... er...”  Beads of liquid again glistened on his brow and quickly began filling in the place where his mustache would be last week;  “Eolist dear, I didn’t perchance ask you to keep anything safe for me at the bottom of the clock tower did I?

The straw gurgled as I sucked the last of the coffee from the table; “Gosh, I'm not really sure. Let me think... hmmmm… Oh wait! Yes! Yes, you did in fact… let me just check my purse…  Yes. Here they are!”  I placed a wrench, a screwdriver, a pack of breath mints and two balls of curious looking fuzz on the table. “Do these help?” 

The good doctor held the fuzz balls up to his ear, shook them and then squeezed them lightly after which his eyes lost all their previous lustre.  He flicked the fuzz onto the table and hung his head shaking it several times before finally laying it to rest forehead against palm.  Shortly thereafter the spec on the window's sill took on an entirely new venue of study…  

And Roth again began to fidget nervously.

And me, well, I quietly sipped coffee from my mug.

Oh, I will eventually tell them that I have the sprocket and those old coins safely tucked away…

…but for now I hold the upper hand and am currently on the hunt for my permanent tooth doodling marker...


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SOPA PIPPA s'cuse me while i rippa

Anonymous Attacks Justice Dept as FBI Shuts Down File Sharing Site

this is why i did not, do not, and will not support yesterday's SOPA/PIPPA  blackout. 

as a general rule i don't believe people are really pissing about what the government might do if this law is passed, what i see them truly screaming about is the fact that they won't be able to share/download things they should be purchasing and/or renting in the first place. 

and, as a general rule online websites aren't really pissing about what the government might do if this law is passed, but about the fact that they won't be able to make money from people (by selling their information) who are sharing/downloading things people should be purchasing and/or renting in the first place.

so while they are all screaming this law is not legal and it will change our lives forever if it is passed - and it just may - my question still remains;

what are these same protesters going to do - and who are they going to - go to when i or anyone else starts taking their copy written stuff in the same manner?  because my friends, any way you look at it this is a two edged sword. 

winter happens

since i have no idea how to create a slide show within a posting (somebody please send me an easy tutorial) you are on your own to scroll down fast and watch the snow accumulate; 

long after it should have been here, winter happened in less than 24 hours... 

mind you this is not the Mother Nature of the Lake Michigan Shoreline's grandest feat and photos can never do her justice (especially when they are mine); but it is awesome work none the less...

smiling is everything

when i was little - maybe 4.  although it could have been 2 - i was sitting there with my hot mug of coffee and my mom said; "if you keep drinking that stuff it will stunt your growth and turn your hair dark....

one only has to meet me in person to realize my mother was indeed correct.

she also warned me when i pouted that a bird was going to shit on my bottom lip and/or some day my face was going to "stick like that!"

which may be exactly why i believe that smiling is everything.