love is never a big enough word...

5:45am - i need a drink. i want a snack. i'm hungry. i wanna watch tv. i have to go potty. could we have cookie. can we go outside. can we go inside. why. can we watch a movie. can you read this book. can you push me on the swing. i spilled my milk. can i have one of those. can i wear my pajamas outside. do dogs have a stomach. i'm not tired anymore.  its morning. i have to pee. can i play with your phone.  hey, that was mine.  she took it.  sorry i swallowed it already. i wanted milk. where is grampa.  its not cold outside grama. can i use the computer. where is my flashlight. oops. i'm starving. i want french fries. i'm not tired. can we build a tent?  he won't leave me alone. does your brother have a penis. i hate this tv show. i can't find my blanket. he's touching my side. does this lipstick have sparkles. where is my other sock. but i don't want my hair brushed. my teeth aren't dirty. he took it. can you read me a book.  i washed my hands already (jn a stream of pee). this bird food tastes really good. i need more frosting. she's looking at me.  i have a belly ache. i forgot it. there's chocolate on the carpet. she said i stink. i lost it. i want a snack. can you hold me. i want to watch scooby doo.  i don't like this food can we have mcdonalds instead. can i play wii. why is it raining. hey look i cut my own hair. leave me alone. but i'm not tired...

6:00am - hey grama? why are you drinking coffee!?

wishing a very Happy Mothers Day to anyone who can not only relate but knows that these are the things that make up the very best times of your life. 


  1. Beautifully culled from years of experience.

    Bless all mothers x

  2. Wow - when condensed like that it sounds terrifying! Hat off to Mums indeed :)

  3. That's great...and so very true to the reality of motherhood. I hope you had a lovely day, too!