seriously, this is so not funny!

the telephone is ringing...

i've got her on the line...

"hello..."  she answers with a voice that sounds like honey and flowers.

"hello, Mother Nature it's Eolist. remember me?"

"well, hello Eolist dear. yes, i do remember you. what can i do for you today sweetheart?" she gushes. her words filling the room with sunshine;

"um... it's the end of April..."

"oh yes. i know.... 

a hint of sarcasm hangs in the air between us...

...and don't you just love what i've done with your place?!?"

"oh yeah, snowman and all.... 

....but seriously, this is so not funny!"


  1. I'll send Bear over. He motivates folks to listen.

  2. Yarghhhhh! How many times do I have to tell Mother Nature... NO MORE SHOVELING! I mean it!

  3. Yikes. It's not very nice is it. She'd better come through with a flippin' gorgeous summer!

  4. Wowsers - Snow in April? England would come to a standstill, it would plain give up and sink itself in the ocean :\