of wine and giggling

Pretty isn't she?

Tonight i discovered that i quite like the new bottled Smirnoff lemonades - so much so that i drank a full 11.2 ounces with dinner...

and i've been giggling ever since.

which reminded me of this rental car (as seen before in Indigo Roth's  Gravity Takes Hold Again ) and just how much i wanted to drive it - just a little bit - and how, being the gentleman that he is, Indigo consistently found creative ways to tell me why i wasn't able to.

i wasn't on the lease.  what if i have an accident.  i wasn't insured.  and the best and truest reason of them all; i couldn't see over the steering wheel let alone the dashboard....

i firmly believe he wanted her all to himself if only for one long straight run with pedal fully to metal (because i certainly did) but, as much as it must have hurt, he never once left me standing there in the dust when i got out to explore... god bless him for that, because i am sure he was severely tempted...

which brings me to the point of this story and the reason he was right not to allow me anywhere near the keys...

we'd been exploring all day in that black beauty and finally hit town just as it was closing for the night... there was however an open restaurant/bar with live music so in we went. and we had a grand time eating and chatting and listening and sharing a carafe of wine - though he would probably tell you i didn't share, i will swear that i let him have a small taste...

and by the time we left i was giggling quite well.

but, nonetheless as soon as we hit the sidewalk and started heading back to that black beauty waiting for us in the parking lot i started to scheme; perhaps now that his tummy was full his guard was also down. now might be the perfect time to ask (yet again) if i could drive....

and so with all the best of my feminine charms i asked.

and he answered in some wonderfully courteous form involving the wine i had just consumed and he walked on...

i'm sure i was giggling through my protest, but never mind.  protest i did; 

"you worry far too much. i didn't have that much to drink. i'm fine" i said.

...and then promply fell off the curb.




  1. And Indigo STILL wouldn't let you drive? And here I thought he was the quintessential British gentleman. Next time try giggling more loudly as you're falling off the curb.

  2. Anonymous3/17/2011

    if he weren't so damn tall i could've easily nabbed them from his front left buttoned pocket. he buttoned it on purpose i'm sure.
    which reminds me of our trip to the mall and the auto race back to his house when hubby and i visited. *giggles* oh the stories i could tell...

    and i wonder why he keeps politely putting me off when i think to visit him again.

    ps: Indigo, ticket prices have dropped. 0:)

  3. I remember it well. You probably forgot offering that cop a wedgie? I had to make a donation to the Police Orphans Fund and promise to take you home. Good job there was a gurney near the restaurant. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  4. Anonymous3/18/2011

    i remember streetlamps and fog... there was a cop too? hey!? is that where my money went?!?

  5. At least you avoided harm, if you couldn't see over the steering wheel, falling off of the curb must have been quite a fall! :{D