hello, my name is annie hall

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hello, i said; my name is annie hall

huh. no kidding? annie hall? really?

yes, really

seriously? wow! your mom musta really liked that movie to name you after it huh?

seriously? are you kidding? that movie came out the year after i graduated high school!

*confused and somewhat disappointed* what? but you just said your name was annie hall.

ok. i confess, yes. my mom really did love the movie. 

*smiling triumphantly* i knew it!

some people are just far too easy....


  1. You're lucky! At least your name doesn't rhyme with Hooters.... *sigh*

  2. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Indigo, i do love it when you forget your glasses. ;)

    Boom Boom thankfully yes. (you poor girl)