wherein Pride is not a big enough word

when my son was a young teen he asked for a guitar.

and, being the cautious frugal parents that we were coupled with knowing that nothing ever lasted beyond a thought or two no matter how expensive it might have been at the start, we thought long and hard and came up with what we thought was a good solution.

if he really seriously wanted a guitar, he would save half of what it would cost on his own and we would add the rest. 

soon, contrary to what i thought would happen, he had saved half the money. 

the day came when he and his dad went to the music store, bought a shiny new black and white guitar and brought it home. 

and his mother, she of little faith, was humbled....

from the moment he picked it up he played like he'd had a guitar - and lessons - all his life.

and he has ever since.

bands and gigs have come and gone, but my son; Mr. Elusive has remained;

Let It Snow
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Holly Jolly Christmas

christmas is over and new years celebrations have passed but i am still listening to christmas music....

and probably will be for the rest of the year....

 i love you son


  1. Hey Eolist! Talent will out. And you had faith in him. Everyone wins. Indigo

  2. I had no idea! That's some awesome holiday music, Ms. Petite! I'm feeling proud right now, just by osmosis!

  3. Cool! I really like Jolly Christmas :)

  4. Anonymous1/05/2011

    thank you. surely with the use of a recording studio he'd be more than awesome. with what little he does have however, he never ceases to amaze me.

    and Robbie, i think Holly Jolly is my favorite too. :)

  5. We will always be their biggest fans. My guitarist son laughs now because he says I 'made' him take guitar lessons - and now he can't put the thing down :)