pride, and/or, boys and their toys

My two tiny tornadoes (grandchildren aged 5 and 2) spent the weekend with us...

and both of them brought along their scooters.

grampa was at work when their daddy dropped them off, but because it was supposed to rain grampa had not driven his motorcycle to work and it was parked in the garage.

the tiniest tornado was thrilled. he loves grampa. and, he loves grampa's motorcycle, (how cool is it for a child to have a leather wearing motorcycle riding grampa?) so he was chattering non-stop about grampa and his motorcycle. meanwhile his daddy, his sister, and i moved suitcases from the car to the house.

and then daddy reminded him that his scooter was still in the trunk...

quick-smart he set his father right; "that's my motorcycle!" he said, and then danced at the back of the car until it was safely on the drive.  hours worth of seconds later he took his stance on it and, with a smile wider than his face, we were informed;

"i gonna park my mowercycle next to grampa's mowercycle!"

his grip tightened on the handlebars as he pushed off with his left foot and motored into the garage.

turning about proved to be a bit of work and frustration hinted at his brow when he noticed he didn't have his bike parked at quite the same angle as grampa's. tiny sighs issued forth as the bike was adjusted and readjusted to meet his specific qualifications...

after which came that beam of pride any woman can recognize but only a man can understand...

and all was then right with the world...


  1. I am so familiar with this, being of an age that has never quite caught up with my exterior shell :)

    Nice bike too! That seat looks uber comfy :)

    p.s I wish my garage was that big... and tidy!

  2. having no particular age is a good thing. =)
    ps i think the garage a mess.
    oops, that tells you what kind of personality i am doesn't it?

  3. Aw... little cycle next to big cycle. Love it! But, seriously... you think that garage is a mess? We really must have a talk about messes, Annie! You have freakin' white walls and floor in your garage! And you can actually SEE the walls and floor of your garage! I don't even have room to shove one more little scooter into mine...

  4. That is an adorable little story. I could just see the little guy and his face and movements as you described them. Very very cute.