sometimes what you see is not what is there.

written words cannot convey the emotion coming from someone's fingers as they write them.
meaning whatever you read will be molded into something within your own thought pattern, be it good or bad, at the moment you are reading it.  next week when you read the same thing, you may find that it says something completely different.

and one day you may read something for the umpteenth time and suddenly your eyes open and you understand what was actually being said.

of late i have written many things for many reasons, all my own, regarding things that i perceive and how those experiences have affected me. but, i forgot that one true thing;  you will read what i have written according to your own eyes and experience in the same way that i will read what you have written according to mine.

this being said, differing perceptions usually won't matter on a large scale for petty or silly things. sometimes they can even create a welcome new look at something we see as mundane.  however, in serious matters they can be a hazard in the making.

attempting to create an environment wherein someone sees exactly what you see can create a series of misconstrued communications, and though you may remain happily unaware destructive thought patterns emerge within those who read.

and projects, work ethics, and even friendships are ruined...

because what i was saying was; i am worried about you, your frame of mind is not the same today as it was last month and that really scares me.

but what you heard was; i don't like what you are doing. fuck off.

a simple mis-communication  where nobody is at fault. but both parties lose....

the perception of words on a page can never encompass all that is really there...


  1. This is so true, one of the reasons I hate text messaging.
    Nothing beats some good face to face time to sort things out :)

  2. i thought perhaps this one would not be understood. thank you x
    and i agree, nothing beats some good face to face time to sort things out. wish i had that opportunity.

  3. Ouch. I suppose that is why I read and reread every email, comment, or message, especially if it irks me at the time. I hope you can sort this one out.