of gingerbread and little red cars... part 5

"no. you aren't dead."

though the answer came in a serious tone meant to comfort, there was also a hint of brevity and the stifled chuckle behind her caused her to feel quite the fool for asking...

the voice behind her added; "but by the look of your side of that car i don't see how.  you sure you are okay?"

she mentally checked for anything amiss.  she was unsteady and disoriented but there was nothing else at all there, save the burning in her eyes and lungs. it was what she didn't feel (and even more so what she didn't understand) that she found most disturbing.  she opened her mouth to admit she really wasn't sure but, before she could a man stepped from the darkness barking orders; "why are you all still standing here?  i told you to move and move fast..."  she recoiled, shut down like a child being scolded, and kept the words in her mouth. her angel mumbled something she couldn't comprehend before it turned and planted itself between her and the barking man.

she realized then, this was not an angel, this was merely a woman dressed in a white sweatsuit with her hood pulled up to shield her from the cold.  still, an angel to her all the same. as was the woman behind her who now stepped forward barking back in the same manner; "show a little respect! i think that semi hit her, meaning there was another car involved and this was the driver."

the man took a step forward.  she could see now that he was in uniform - a sherrif to be exact.  he poked his flashlight at her and asked if she were okay and the words she'd kept in her mouth tumbled out quietly; "i really have no idea."  he barked again; "well if nothing hurts, move it!"

"asshole." her angel mumbled.  and the three started walking.

but she stopped.

she had to look back.

the semi was still there glinting in the moonlight long past the drive.  her car was there as well, still on the same side of the road looking as though she had pulled over and parked on the steep angle of the ditch bank.  but, something was odd; her car was facing her. odder still; it was parked at least 50 feet before the drive she had thought to turn into...

she was confused, that was certain, but she knew without a doubt that she had driven beyond the drive to the east, to allow the other driver a safe distance to turn in, and they were walking toward the west...

as they walked  the other two discussed details regarding the events they'd witnessed that night. details she could not remember. the tanker had fishtailed, tipped over, rolled a few times and then skidded to a hault. their concensus was that the driver had been traveling far over the speed limit and lost control on the slushy pavement.

she was filled with questions but none she could form seemed adequate and even when they were she was certain they would have no answer.

if the semi had indeed hit her, why did she not remember. and how did she not see something that big coming...


  1. Questions, questions... loving this tale, Eolist, and salute your bravery for being able to tell it. Keep writing. Indigo x

  2. I've actually been hit by a semi before and I never saw it coming, either. Still so many unanswered questions! Hurry up with part 6!

  3. I looove this! please, don't let us hanging for too long... :)

  4. OK. Now I wait. This is a great story. Thank you for telling.

  5. thank you all. you are far too kind. x