of gingerbread and little red cars - part 3

her vision fogged and she blinked.  but nothing looked right. things were fogged but glittery at the same time.
shimmering light was all around her and the shimmers were accompanied by tiny trickles of bright white that appeared as fingers... not unlike miniature lightening jags spreading out in front of her. confused, but intrigued all the same, she reached out to touch them. but, before she could a crack of thunder caught her attention. ah, its just rain on the windshield shimmering in passing car lights she thought feeling a bit silly.. but wait? that's odd?  wasn't she just at her brothers house?

the shimmer disappeared. her eyes again burned like fire and her lungs felt like they were laced with fiberglass when she drew in a breath.  and the thunder became more demanding. it was as if it were trying to rouse her from a slumber, and then it literally called out to her in muffled tone;

can you hear me? it asked.
"yes, i can hear you."  she answered though not at all certain she'd answered out loud.
it asked again, louder this time; "can you hear me?"
"yes, i can hear you" she answered.
"if you can hear me, you need to get out of your car right now!"
another voice boomed crisp and clear beside her; "wait! don't move!" it said to her, and then it called to the other voice. "this isn't good at all. let me talk to her first."
"well hurry" the muffled voice called back."we really have to get out of here right now!"
"are you in any pain?" the crisp voice asked.
"i don't think so?" she answered.  thinking it an odd question. "why?"
"can you move?"
still confused by the question she answered;" why wouldn't i be able to move?"
"do you think you can get out of your car?"
"i don't understand.  why do i need to get out of the car? i have places to go."
the voice laughed.  "not in this car you don't, so if you can move you need to get you out of your car as soon as possible. again, can you move?"
"and you are sure there is no pain anywhere?"
the crisp voice again called to the other; "this door is not going to open and the ditch is too deep for me to get a good enough grip to pull her out the window. if you can open that door maybe we can pull her out from that side."

wait. what? pull me out of my car?  what the hell is going on here?

"i can't open the door on this side, i think it's locked." the muffled voice called back.
"look, we really have to get you out of this car as soon as possible. can you reach the lock?" the crisp voice asked her.

"i can get in my own car and i'm sure i can get out." she said with marked defiance and then hoisted herself over the shift knob opened the passenger door, crawled out and stood upright beside the little red GEO.


  1. Too bizarre. And part four awaits...

  2. Ooo, it twists and turns. Part 4 NOW!!