fine dining at taco bell

and just in case you too are thinking the same thing i was;

"Taco Bell is not fine dining!"  just check out their bathroom:

the first photo is a bit fuzzy - because a photographer i am not - but, as you can see, going into the "Jane" there are photographs of far away places, flowers, and poetry meant to bring even the toughest man to tears.
all this interspersed with inspirational three dimensional words...

adding to that ambiance is the second wall; which boasts a flowery wreath border and a trio of shelves,
two adorned with pots bearing living and dried flowers. the third contains a feminine metal tin filled with fresh potpourri...

and then there are the gloriously adorned toilet stalls;  

Taco Bell fine dining for two: $4.52
photographs of their "Jane" interior: priceless...

"where are you going with that camera honey?"
"in the bathroom to get documented proof! nobody is ever gonna believe this..."


  1. Well, I still wouldn't call it fine dining... LOL

  2. And was your table in the BIG cubicle?

  3. Rather sadly, I happen to be ever so excited about a Taco Bell opening in a local shopping centre soon - for me they are a true Americanism, like twinkies and mountain dew, to be able to go into a Taco Bell will make me happy, I just hope the loo's live up to it's American big brothers :)

  4. RA - what if they polished the chrome? =P

    Indigo - he only springs for the best you know that! ;)

    Robbie - i love Taco Bell. but yes, they are as American as that country bathroom decor. course, nothing says american like a remix of ethnic food. which is probably why they didn't think to put a spanish twist on the bathroom decor. hmmm... wonder if i could get a job in that decor department?

  5. Yo quiero Taco Bell! With bathrooms like that, it's a "must stop" on our next road trip out your way! I might even have to buy a pocket chihuahua for the trip.

  6. Oh my lord, that biffy is hilarious. Who are they trying to kid? But I give them full marks for their decorative enthusiasm!