fine dining at taco bell

and just in case you too are thinking the same thing i was;

"Taco Bell is not fine dining!"  just check out their bathroom:

the first photo is a bit fuzzy - because a photographer i am not - but, as you can see, going into the "Jane" there are photographs of far away places, flowers, and poetry meant to bring even the toughest man to tears.
all this interspersed with inspirational three dimensional words...

adding to that ambiance is the second wall; which boasts a flowery wreath border and a trio of shelves,
two adorned with pots bearing living and dried flowers. the third contains a feminine metal tin filled with fresh potpourri...

and then there are the gloriously adorned toilet stalls;  

Taco Bell fine dining for two: $4.52
photographs of their "Jane" interior: priceless...

"where are you going with that camera honey?"
"in the bathroom to get documented proof! nobody is ever gonna believe this..."

close your eyes if you're easily offended.

two days ago i had all the windows and doors open and the stereo cranked up to maximum while i was scrubbing toilets - and damn it felt good.  

then the doorbell rang;

good morning ma'am. (the guy with the three piece suit and bible says loudly indicating with a hand gesture that i might want to turn the stereo down while it starts playing George Michael's version of Don't let the Sun go down on Me)

~~~I'm growing tired and time stands still before me~~~

(geeze this guy is definitely a smoker pu!) good morning. (i say back. with my hand squarely on the big door indicating i will close it if i have to. ps: i'm not touching the stereo which is hurting my ears at the moment, but i know what this is)

~~~frozen here on the ladder of my life~~~

we're here today in your neighborhood making sure that you read your bible.

~~~ much to late to save myself from falling~~~

yes sir i do. (and no, that isn't a lie)

wonderful! now i'd just like to share this pamphlet concerning what god thinks about alternative lifestyles.

~~~i took a chance and changed your way of life~~~

what kind of alternative lifestyle do you mean? (i ask though clearly the distraught man in the drawing on the front indicates homosexuality)

well ma'am. the bible is quite clear on the subject of men lusting after men and this pamphlet explains...

(i didn't mean to cut him off - okay. i did) men lusting after men? you mean homosexuality?

~~~but you misread my meaning when i met you~~~

well, yes.  ma'am, if we could just (he proceeds to push the pamphlet toward me)

homosexuality? would that include lesbianism?

no, ma'am. this pamphlet talks about what God has to say about men lus...

(this time i did mean to cut him off) actually i'm not at all interested. 
~~~closed the door and left me blinded by the light~~~
if its only men with men that God has a problem with then i'd say He and i are just fine with my alternative lifestyle. 
(damn that was quick thinking on my part considering the fact that i never stand up to anybody)

(the look on his face is priceless. i will never forget it. he fumbled with his bible) um... i... well... (he has no idea how to respond) i guess... (he gains some composure) no problem ma'am (he's backs up) thank nice to... eh... (in his hurry to remove himself from my door he tumbles off the stoop) i'm okay... goodbye. 

probably not my proudest moment ever, 
(and forgive me if you are at the end of this thinking i have deliberately stepped on your faith and you are now taking offence - that was not my intention and you were warned)
but we all have our own sanctuary, our own life, our own voice, and our own God given right to open and/or close our door to and/or on whomever we please.  

and in my own way i did just that and took a big step forward in my life. and, somewhere out there i knew that God was giving me a very broad smile with his thumbs up.  and damn that felt good.

truth is stranger than fiction

either it's because i want to believe or they really do exist:
or maybe sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction....

my daughter caught this fairy on film while trying to photograph fireflies.

you may think it a bug, but i believe it was a fairy who was attracted by the sound of laughing children...