Of course there is also divided texting...

this text came from my best friend in the world - who is a man.
i saved it until my phone died because it was classic that made me giggle every time i read it:

I will be at the airport at 11:30 to pick you up
and we'll take the BART back into the city.
I cannot wait to get you back to my hotel room





so you can drop your suitcase and we can
begin exploring the city!

remember instant messenging?

Jo says:
  can i ask you a question?
eolist says:
Jo says:
  before i ask i need you to promise me you will tell me the truth.
eolist says:
  okay. i promise.
Jo says:
  i mean it.  you have to be honest! or i won't ask.

eolist says:
  this is me remember?  
Jo says:

  Of course i remember... 
eolist says:
  when have you ever known me not to be honest?
Jo says:
eolist says: 
  so??? what is the question?
Jo says:
  are you busty?
eolist says: 
  i'm not really sure how i'm supposed to answer that
Jo says:
  simple. yes or no. either you are or you aren't. end of story.
eolist says: 
 Jo says:
  no problem. it doesn't really matter.  
  though i'd really rather you weren't.
  i can find somebody else who isn't.
eolist says: 
  i guess i just don't understand why you are asking.
Jo says:
  seriously, it's no big deal. i needed somebody to talk to but i guess you're not the one.
eolist says:
  you want somebody to talk to but because i may or may not be busty i am no longer capable?
Jo says:
  BUSTY?  what the hell are you talking about? 
eolist says:
  you tell me, you're the one who asked.
Jo says:
  why the hell would i ask you something like that?   
  its not like i care how endowed you are.
  or are not.
  hell, i can't even SEE you!
eolist says:
  hey, you started this conversation!
  seriously beginning to wonder why i still have your window open.
Jo says:
  so close it!

Jo says:
  DON'T GO! 
  ...they seriously need spell check on this thing!
  up there when i asked you if you were BUSTY...

Jo says:
  the word i meant to spell was BUSY.

Tag! You're It!

i've been tagged by the infamous and extremely inventive Dr. Max Tunguska at The Tunguska Event to "name seven fictional cars or other vehicles you'd have liked to have driven and why;"

Cars…  Vehicles… Aircraft… Spacecraft… oh god man, you certainly had no idea i have an extreme love  for souped up… er… tricked out?… um… maybe now it’s called pimped up? vehicles - of any sort - did you?  Especially for those that never truely existed!

*gets lost in daydreams and drooling*
*polishes dribbling into the chrome with shirtsleeve*

i spent hours whittling the list down to twenty-five before i had an epiphany! Hey, what if i list seven categories instead!?!  But, alas, categories didn't work either because seven fell into many and the drooling started to form puddles on my desktop...

another epiphany!


i printed the list, cut them out, shuffled them in a bowl, threw them into the air, and chose seven lucky winners out of the scattered pieces -

with my eyes closed...

and now; for your enjoyment are the lucky Seven in very random order;

  • ENTERPRISE NX-01; Starfleet's very first Warp powered starship.  A rudimentary beauty with very few bells and whistles but in my eyes she is the sleekest starship ever bar none - and surely they'd have been able to equip the helm with a hydraulic booster seat so i could reach the console by 2151...
  • DEAN WINCHESTER'S 1967 CHEVY IMPALA; Sure, it just a car; but honey, its a sexy black beauty that seems to know when it's needed and when possessed i swear it can drive all by itself. 
  • DOC BROWN'S DELOREAN; so many places to go and so many different times i want to be there and its a; one of a kind turn your head and look at that! sort of car.  
  • ECTO 1; Hey who wouldn't wanna drive this baby with the sirens blaring?!? "Oh Yeah! i came. i drove. i kicked your ass!"
  • THE I ROBOT AUDI; Verbal driving with manual on the fly!  i could get used to that! and hey, maybe my passengers would stop leaving finger marks in my dashboard.
  • JAMES BOND'S (Daniel Craig version) ASTIN MARTIN DBS; The name is Annie. Annie Hall...
  • THE FLINTMOBILE; YABBA DABBA DOO! i have the feet for this one! Ask Indigo.
And now I must tag a few other bloggers with my own question, but because i am certain any one of you would have an excellent response i am going to break the rules and tag any blogger who would like to step up to the challenge;

Which cartoon character(s) do you most identify with and why?  

the I Love Your Blog Award

My good friend Indigo of the world famous blog:  Indigo Roth  handed me this award because i am one of - and i quote; "a few of the bloggers I adore, but who are missing in action. I hope that this will inspire them into new output!"

Thank You *the Eolist humbly bows*  Indigo, for thinking my dribble worthy of more. For you see, i don't dribble for entertainment or readership, i dribble for two very selfish reasons;
  1. to get it out of my head 
  2. to remember, if a time ever comes that i forget, those things - good bad or otherwise - that whirled around in the emptiness til i wrote them down.  
In order to accept this award i must answer this question:
Name seven historical/fictional people who you would like to meet. (If you'd like to say why, that'd be fab and groovy)
so here it goes in random order:
  1. Jesus Christ - i would love to see him as he truly is and not the way he has been presented. 
  2. Han Solo - i want a joyride in the Millennium Falcon and have a few mercenary jobs for him.
  3. Indiana Jones - his must have been a glorious life filled with history he could share.
  4. Indigo Roth - his alter ego is my best friend and i am certain Roth has an extremely sexy car!
  5. iDifficult - would love to know what makes him tick - other than the concoctions he stirs up.
  6. My Smoking Ghost - dad? is it you? if so; i miss you and i wouldn't be afraid to see you. x
  7. The Inventor of the "Perfect Woman" - i want to slap you silly and then kick you til it hurts.
Probably not the list you expected at all, but there it is.

Now, i am supposed to pass it along to fifteen other bloggers who haven't already been blessed and here they are - also in random order:
  1. Letters to the World - Rebecca S. - sometimes your letters touch me to tears
  2. Not Worth Mentioning - Copyboy - you never fail to make me grin
  3. The Writing Womb - Patricia - wit and cartoons to boot.  what more could one ask for?
  4. How to Become A Cat Lady Without the Cats - Paula - even though i can't seem to leave a damn comment on your blog you still make me smile all the way through til then.  ;)
Obviously this list doesn't number 15 but hey, i think these four worth 3.75 each, but don't take my word for it - check them out for yourself along with all the others on my list. You won't be sorry, i promise.

and now, because i know that life is an odd thing and it takes us not where we want to go but where we belong, here is your Award Ownership Question:

What /Who/ and/or Where would you be if you could choose your own destiny?