With Age Comes Wisdom?

When i was a teenager i went to a movie based on a theatre production and for the first time ever there was a huge line to get in. Which was something that never happened in this small town - which was even smaller back then...

Turns out the reason for the line was that the entrance was being blocked by a group of religious zealots. 

Zealots (calling themselves christian) who were refusing to allow entrance to anyone in who had not been sufficiently counseled toward conversion and away from the satanistic portrayal of their lord and savior...

Of course the counsel came not in any sort of gospel, nor was there any room for choice. Counsel came in barrage of fisted spitting zealots spewing forth belittling ridicule whose only intent was to shame you out of the ticket line. I remember someone ahead of me asking if they had seen the film and when the answer was no he asked; how then would they know he shouldn't see it? 

It was my being referenced a satanist who would burn in hell right along with the asker that finally made me react. Finally made me ask out loud just how they could dare call themselves christians while treating others this way? And then i quietly, and ashamedly, admitted that i too was a believer.  

I paid for my ticket and i watched a movie that moved me enough i ceased hearing the hecklers, cried without shame, wished to change my own life for the better, and finally understood that faith really is the evidence of things hoped for...

I was, of course, ridiculed in full force by similar zealots on my way out. After which i'd wondered; would they be of the same opinion had they actually viewed what i just had?

A few years ago, on Easter Sunday, i entered an auditorium with my daughter and son-in-law to see the same movie, starring the same man, this time in a theatre production. 

I was prepared, but there were no zealots. No picketers. No-one shouting. No spitting. No ridicule. No posters referencing satan or burning in hell.

Instead there were posters, pamphlets, and people hailing this same movie in theatre production as:

Timeless And For Our Time

Jesus Christ Superstar thirty-five years later....

Life moves in mysterious ways.

Can one hope that just maybe the Zealots are finally getting it?

wishing you a Happy Easter 2010 - whatever your choice may be...  


  1. I believe that we should all have a part of us that is open to listen.

    People are a funny lot - they make me laugh :)

    Happy easter!

  2. Robbie - what a powerful sentence. and i agree, a heart (as well as a mind) is a terrible thing to close.

    great is the gift of laughter - it covers the entire realm of my existence. i don't even want to ponder just where i would we be without.

    Happy Easter to you and yours as well. =)

  3. Never has a blog been more inappropriately named 'Eolist - a pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration.' You're not pompous or a bore. You might be windy, but possibly only after a good curry. And, you ARE an inspiration.

    I find it amazing that 'defenders' of a faith will take part in behaviour and hold beliefs they would say is typical of the faithless.

  4. Believe it or not I had a similar experience when my family went to see the play corpus christi. Great post. Like how you revealed the play at the end. Kept me guessing.

  5. idifficult, as i recall there was far more than wind after i ate my first good curry... i seriously feared for Indigo's toilet - whom i will mention did not warn me until after i had eaten my fill.

    i too find it amazing, and disappointing, when professors of faith cast the first stones.

    meanwhile, i am still blushing as i attempt to write something more appropriate than this; Thank You, for your belief i have inappropriately named my blog. *hug*

  6. Copyboy, was your experience recent?

    and, it must be true that this big old world truly is a very small place. :)

  7. Hey Eolist! We can only hope that tolerance, understanding and rational thought is part of everyone's thoughts. And while we're wishing, I'd love a pizza. Indigo

  8. I saw a theatre production of JCS a couple of years ago, for the first time, even though my family had the soundtrack when I was little. Even though I preferred it, and Godspell, to the overly acted, sappy productions like The Ten Commandments and The Greatest Story Ever Told, etc., I admit I like my timeless messages delivered in a less literal fashion.
    As far as the zealots go, I think they are realizing that the more they protest something the more buzz it generates!

  9. Hm i read something somewhere that said first they hate it and condemn it, then they just bitch about it, then they accept it, then they recruit for it ...i am paraphrasing of course! Great post!

    if you would like to see a funny blog that would make a 4 year old jealous cause of it's awesomeness...maybe you would like to visit mine?


    thanks for making me laugh/think and for the support