On being a Gentleman

IndigoWrath's  blog  Gravity Takes Hold Again  reminded me of another story regarding that sleek black beautiful mustang we were blessed with while in California…

It was the last night we were going to be in San Francisco and, with him being from the other side of the world and me being from the other side of the states, we’d filled up the day with so much sight seeing  in Marin County that we’d not gotten back over the bridge until long after night fell. We’d had a glorious day, but it had also been a long one.  Both of us more than tired, coupled with failed attempts to locate a hotel in this dark unfamiliar area made city traffic more than a pain.

Indigo knew we were in the right vicinity but wasn’t certain exactly where the hotel was, so in order to save us from further circling of city blocks he decided to pull over, park, and walk up the street and locate the hotel by sight first.  But, because it was dark and unfamiliar (and being that Indigo truly is a gentleman’s gentleman), he bade me to remain safely in the locked black beauty while he looked for the hotel himself.

I couldn't argue with his logic and he got out assuring me he'd not be long and locked the car with me in it. I watched him wander down the street into the dark and settled in to wait.

It was then that I decided to peer through the passenger window at the city for one last time…

...and saw all those flashing lights racing around poster after poster of barely clad lusty ladies advertising strippers, pole dancers, peep shows and far more…

Oh my!

And, as if that didn't make me uncomfy enough already, there was a small group of fairly bulked up men standing right outside my door yammering on about the car I was sitting in…

I think that’s when I realized I was sitting right in front of the velvet carpeted entrance to San Francisco’s Lusty Lady (I won’t link it here - your on your own for that ;) ).

Am I lucky or what!?  I sank further down into the seat, for once more than glad I am tiny and thank god it was dark enough that i could pretend maybe I wasn’t visible at all sitting there under those flashing lights in that extremely sleek and sexy car...

But, the longer it took Indigo the more uncomfortable I became. And the more uncomfortable I became the more my mind started to wonder -and wander- and damn that was so not where I wanted to be sitting right then.

So, in these situations does one get out and run or do they stay?

Me? I couldn’t decide …

My dilema was thwarted when the doors unlocked and the lights switched on inside the car.  I sighed in relief, and realized I’d been holding my breath.

Thank god, Indigo is back!

Or so I thought...

Because when I looked about for him he wasn’t there.

In fact, he wasn’t anywhere at all.

But I had, I realized, lost track of those big bulked up men…  

And that's just when the trunk opened.

I sucked in a deep breath and, being that woman suddenly living in the fear she’d created all around her own little self, found myself thinking very fast:  I re-locked both doors at the same time and stood ready to do it again if i had too - screw whatever the hell is in the trunk, they can have it!

An eternity of a minute later the trunk slammed shut and Indigo was at the drivers door. (which I believe I had to unlock for him from inside)

What the hell?!

Turns out he had attempted to get into a similar mustang a block previous to where we’d parked and wondered why the damn key remote wouldn't work even when he was standing right there pointing it at the door.

(surely he must have been more than irritated that I was ignoring his attempts to get into that car, but being the gentleman that he is, he has never said so)

I should add here that Indigo was more than horrified when, finally settled at the hotel, I got around to asking if he realized just where he had left me - in fact; he may still be in denial about that…



  1. Hey Eolist! I remember it well; a troubled night in a gorgeous hotel with grumpy, unhelpful staff. But I'd forgotten about trying the wrong car! A hundred yards down the street, too - man, those remote controls are powerful! I do apologise for the abandonment, but it really wasn't a nice area. I try =) Indigo x

  2. He did what I never do over there. Get out of a car and walk. I used to drive the car up the stairs to the upper floor of the motel after pulling up next to the ice maker and getting a bucket load through the open window. Why walk when you can have a comfy seat and aircon?

  3. Always the gentleman, that Indigo... but leaving you in front of a gentleman's club? And then playing with the automatic door openers? What a way to wrap up a fabulous week!

  4. Indigo, you were an extraordinary gentleman through out, even then. i seriously think we were both far too tired to realize just where we'd parked. an extremely unhelpful staff who wouldn't stand behind what they'd said when we'd booked our rooms... till think we should have stolen something wonderful from that hotel - like their sign. ;)

    idifficult you, sir, have thought of everything! i am impressed!

    CatLadyLarew it was a fabulous week. one of those sorts you hope to re-live again and again.

  5. It's a terrible thing when you let your imagination take a hold of you :) I'm glad it all worked out well in the end though - phew!

  6. That was quite an adventure, which you described very nicely, I might add. Don't think I'll be looking up The Lusty Lady anytime soon, though :)