the Kick Ass Blogger award

obviously iDifficult has seen me in the wardrobe without my sheeps clothing


for he has passed this:

Kick Ass Blogger award on to me without requiring me to do a damn thing but accept it.

Thank You, Sir, I am humbled.

of course i'm also a bit worried - i'm not sure i can live up to this and i know for a fact i won't look any where near sexy in ninja tights...

because it comes without strings, i should like to pass this one on to
Robbie, [ The thought bubbles of Robbie Munn ]
whose thought bubbles not only make me grin but provoke thought and inspire.

*Ms Petite bows*  


  1. Kudos on the award! And no strings attached... woo hoo! Of course, you do realize that this makes us blood-sisters? We shall now have to get together at holidays and make remarks about iDifficult and say we knew him when and all. It could be great fun!

  2. perhaps we could even meet in his back yard and investigate his sheds. ;)

  3. 'tis well deserved. Never read anything here that didn't make me laugh or think or both.

    On the plus side it didn't come with 40+ questions....

  4. well thank you, i seriously am humbled.

    and agreed; though i understand the logistics of it i am a firm believer that very few things require "chains"

  5. Congratulations and thank you!

    Plus a big thanks to all the comments you've left on both the blog and FB :)