the fruit that ruins friendships

as if the world doesn't find us  me invisible enough, enter technology;

i spent an entire morning with someone i love.

someone i rarely see. 

i spent the better part of my week looking forward to that morning.

and the someone i rarely see, spent the entire morning across a tiny table from me

chattering endlessly.

which would have been a wonderful thing

had it not been chatter about what was in

and on

the blackberry they were playing with.

every time the fruit was free of their hand and i dared to think "finally!"  it would chirp its way back in.

so when i'd finally had enough ignorance for one day

i asked - in very irritated form - if they were texting.

their answer came with an extremely confused look;

"oh god no! that would be rude."

do you think?


  1. oh dear, I sometimes feel mobiles have become the new comfort blanket - with the exception that we tend to let go of a comfort blanket eventually

  2. I'm sure I've done the same at various points in time, and if I did you're quite right - I was being rude. Company is for two, not two-and-the-world, no matter how cool the technology is.

  3. Robbie, comfort blanket is an appropriate comparison.

    Indigo, though there are some calls that cannot be ignored now matter where you are. the point here was that this was simple phone play during a one on one meeting that was specifically scheduled to catch up on lost time.

  4. They are starting to call cellphones 'the longest umbilical cord in history' now. But I think the mothership varies.
    I have a Charlie Brown-ish wavy frown/smile on in response to this post. You never cease to charm me, E.P.!

  5. Oh, I've always thought of mobiles as the new honey coated baby dummy. I still suck the corner of mine. Steve Jobs would shriek.

  6. Anonymous3/14/2010

    Eeek! That was soooo rude. I'm still chuckling at idifficult's comment.. sucking on the corner of his.