She’d had a little boy once but somewhere between changing diapers and preparing his food she blinked and he’d become a man.

But life she found truly must be a circle because it had again given her a little boy in a form they called grand.

And grand he was - mostly, she assumed, because he could come and go as he wished leaving behind only joy and a scattered toys.

And smart he is as well. Far smarter than she would ever admit to the parents who had entrusted him into her care.

For though her snuggling, cuddling, story telling, nap taking - and even diaper changing - skills proved to be top notch when the grand child asked to “watch” she had no clue what he wanted.

Even though his tiny wet finger had been removed from his mouth to point it seemingly took her forever to understand and when she finally did it was only because the smart little lad had removed himself from her lap, stood on his toes nearly touching the television screen and repeated with question the word; “WATCH?!?”

She smiled as she realized and then promised him that, yes, they could watch the television. But, to her dismay, after several minutes of searching for its on button she had to admit to the small man child that her promise was no good, for she had no idea how to make this television work.

The smart little man, however, had faith. He took her admission off the cuff and without a word handed her the remote control.

And the television sparked on.

Words scrolled across the screen.

And the grand boy stepped back, returned his finger to his mouth, and waited for the magic to begin.

But the magic didn’t happen.

Again, she reluctantly had to admit to the waiting child that though she had managed to turn the thing on she simply had no idea how to make the programs in the channel guide work.

His tiny head fell forward but his faith in her was strong, for instead of the tears she had expected, this grand child made his way to a bookshelf where his wet finger snapped out of his mouth to point in the direction of a stack of DVDs.

She hesitated drawing in a defeated sigh before she fetched a DVD from the shelf admitting out loud to the tiny child that though she couldn’t promise she could make this work but she would give her best try.

The player snapped on.

And this time the magic DID happen.

And minutes later, with his finger triumphantly back in his mouth, they were snuggled together on the sofa watching.

Both of them more than thankful she had aced her cuddling exam.


  1. This is lovely stuff babe.

  2. I like his style - I still love to cuddle up whilst I watching TV now :)

  3. I'm a little 'verklempt' at this sweet story. Lovely.

  4. thank you Rebecca that's quite a compliment. x

  5. Ah, the joy of having a grand. You are a lucky woman... even luckier that you got the kind of grand that knows how to work the remote! Lovely post!