behind the scenes

there are Grinch's and there are Scrooges...

and though we come across them every day of the year we hear quite a bit more about them during the holiday season. so much so that i am certain i need not explain the characteristics of either.

sure we know that the Grinch had an undersized heart and Scrooge was the bent on storing riches, but have we ever looked further than that tiny glimpse at the path that brought them to their end?

perhaps, like Rudolph, they were born awkward.

not part of the pecking order.

odd in a way that stood out.




yearning for love that was never given.

and without even realizing, while struggling to withstand, their hearts became smaller and harder until there was nothing left of who they should have been.

could have been.

and life went on around them.

here and there someone would see potential. offer to take their hand. but even if they wanted desparetely to reach out they were unable because they didn't know how.
and the offer would be rescinded.



and the cycle would continue.

why am i telling you this?

because, my friend we all need to understand;

holidays are not magical.

and hearts do not change over night.

love is in all of us, even when we cannot see it.

meaning, we must never ever stop reaching out.

especially to those whom we think least deserve it.


  1. My heart agrees but my head doesn't. If someone is misunderstood or caught a bad break, sure. But some monsters should not be welcome or walk free, whatever their tragic history.

  2. those would be criminals, but even deep inside of them there must be some form of light?

  3. There are those who feel less because of life's events, but there are some who are simply nasty, cruel and manipulative. Spotting the difference is nearly impossible.

  4. Awesome post, Ms. Petite. I think these exact thoughts each time the four-year-old child in my class gets frustrated because he doesn't know how to interact with the other kids and calls me a "fucking bitch". Hopefully, by not giving up on him and continuing to show him I care about him, it may pull him back at a bit from the precipice that leads to becoming a criminal in later life. That's why my job is so important... it really is the first few formative years that can make all the difference.

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  6. and those, CatLadyLarew are the types i was referencing.

  7. So basically what you are saying is...
    Even a right ol' git appreciates a smile

    I like it :)

  8. One day at the dentist my little girl went right up to a very grumpy old man and just started chatting, cheerfully to him while I had major work done. By the end of it, the man was smiling, actually smiling and talking to her. The receptionist couldn't believe it, and said that man had been coming for years and had never had anything to say but 'Bah Humbug' or something like. So there you go, for whatever it is worth.

  9. welcome! and Thank You, Rebecca, this is an excellent example! positive proof that sometimes all it takes is something as simple as a smile and small talk. =)