A Christmas Toast

This evening i shall raise a glass to all those i hold dear - and all those i dearly miss;

To You;

I am humbled that when our life paths crossed, you stopped to linger here with me.

I wish for you love and joy and health,

but most of all,

I wish you a reason to smile every single day and forever happiness.

Merry Christmas!


behind the scenes

there are Grinch's and there are Scrooges...

and though we come across them every day of the year we hear quite a bit more about them during the holiday season. so much so that i am certain i need not explain the characteristics of either.

sure we know that the Grinch had an undersized heart and Scrooge was the bent on storing riches, but have we ever looked further than that tiny glimpse at the path that brought them to their end?

perhaps, like Rudolph, they were born awkward.

not part of the pecking order.

odd in a way that stood out.




yearning for love that was never given.

and without even realizing, while struggling to withstand, their hearts became smaller and harder until there was nothing left of who they should have been.

could have been.

and life went on around them.

here and there someone would see potential. offer to take their hand. but even if they wanted desparetely to reach out they were unable because they didn't know how.
and the offer would be rescinded.



and the cycle would continue.

why am i telling you this?

because, my friend we all need to understand;

holidays are not magical.

and hearts do not change over night.

love is in all of us, even when we cannot see it.

meaning, we must never ever stop reaching out.

especially to those whom we think least deserve it.