wherever you go...

yesterday i was at lunch.

and though the waitress attending to me wasn't exceptional - she was simply doing her job - she was friendly, courteous, and attentive.

she wore a necklace that was quite simple, a silver chain with a tiny pendant over which lay an small open heart, but somehow it caught the light in such a way that it appeared to beam.

maybe there were crystals in it, i thought, and took a closer look as she filled my coffee cup but nope. no crystals.

just silver.

but somehow not just silver.

this simple piece had caught not only my eye, but my complete attention.

your necklace is quite stunning i finally said

thank you. she commented as her fingers tread down the chain and gripped the tiny pendant. "this peice is a tiny handprint, i got it from my daughter - well, my husband - the day she was born..." her fingers trailed to the other peice. the open heart. "and this is from my mother... you can't see it with your naked eye but it's got an inscription that says; 'where ever you go you take my heart with you.'"

there was a short pause and her eyes misted over as she held both pieces together in her hand. "thank you so much for asking. i loved my mother and i can only hope that my daughter loves me half as much."

of that, i have no doubt.


  1. Hey Eolist! It's an appropriate day for a tale of remembering absent loved ones =) Thanks for sharing this. Indigo

  2. Made me pause and think. Thank you.

  3. Ah, to be loved like that...

  4. thank you. it was my reminder to never miss an opportunity. i can only hope i am thought of so fondly when i am no longer here.