awards and thank yous

This award was bestowed upon me by iDifficult "for the fine piece of writing that is Trading Cards".

thank you kind sir, it's very pretty. even gothic. makes me yearn for a bottom that looks good in lace. alas i've yet to find one willing to try it on...

*ms petite curtsies*

in order to keep this award i there is a "must" - as in, i "must" pass it along.

sort of like love.

so to to those of you who bring smiles to my life i shall pass this award on [or back] to you with sincere thanks;

to Robbie, whose thought bubbles make me smile

iDifficult who is far better for having left all rational thought on the endangered list

IndigoWrath the best master spy i know

and CatLadyLarew" whose brain clutter has caught my attention

do what you will with the award, but know this; my life is richer for having crossed your path.



  1. Oh, goody, goody! A prize! I love prizes! Especially pretty ones! Thank you, my dear Ms. Petite!

  2. Wait... does this mean I have to wear lacy underwear now? But it scratches!

  3. Madam, I must respectfully decline! I;ve had it before, and if I accept it again something fundamental and messy will happen to the Universe. Perhaps it happened already? But I thank you for your kind thought. I also thank you for the thought about a nice derriere in lace. I'm easily swayed, what can I say? Indigo

  4. CatLadyLarew - you are quite welcome.
    as for the scratching 'o' lace underwear - me thinks it another item that was undoubtedly invented by men.

    Indigo - obviously if i was awarded something messy has indeed already happened. you may decline the award but you cannot deny that my life is richer for having crossed - er - tripped over your path.

  5. An award? for me?
    I graciously accept!
    Many thanks to you ms petite :)

  6. you're very welcome. a piece of lace a man can wear proudly. ;)