lions and tigers and horror scopes. oh my!

according to
my birth date specific horror scope reads like this:

Stimulating new horizons beckon, so don't let people you rely on make you feel you cannot stand alone. If you let go of something you once needed, but have now outgrown, you could find a whole new way of looking at the world this week. You have more options than you - or those you are involved with - now imagine. You will prove them wrong if you branch out, so don't postpone decisive action any longer.

ouch. my mister isn't going to like this one bit. . . .


  1. I wonder how many people read their horoscopes and proceed to follow the advice and bollox up their lives?

  2. I'm not a believer, but it's interesting to see how the 'scope holds a mirror up to your own life. Sometimes it rings a bell and makes you realise there's something you'd like to change. The horoscope didn't tell you to, it just helped you remember.

    And no, he won't like it. I'll make the spare bed up ;>

  3. So does this mean you're coming to visit? Oh, goody! Company!

  4. idifficult - my life is bolloxed enough without following daily horror scope advice. normally i trust the wisdom of my 8 Ball. ;)

    Indigo - some day i promise i shall use that spare bed. [hope the lion likes me]

    CatLadyLarew - a visit would be grand.