howl o ween

halloween was always one of those nights we spent as a family, though i'm completely sure i'm the one who loves it most...

here in my area, though township laws now govern it, the tradition of trick-or-treating remains strong. in our rural neighborhood if you dare entertain the howling beasts begging for a treat your porch lights must be on from 6pm to 8pm.

i must add here that porch lights are not only an indication of participation but a necessity because complete darkness falls by half past 6.

so on went our light.

and wait we did.

you see, since we lived 500 feet into the woods on an unlit dead end gravel road the little goblins didn't often come to our door, choosing instead to howl in more populated well lit communities. so, instead, we finally opted to take our little gremlins from house to house on those spooky unlit roads to scream for treats.

one particular year, we walked across a yard at the cross streets toward a small cement stepped porch that was illuminated by one tiny light and our two young howlers scampered up the steps and belted out;

"Trick or Treat!"

the door opened and the giver scooped candy from a bowl.

but as she did so out of the night came a lone towering figure.

this figure was 7' tall, faceless, and silent. it wore a black hooded robe which billowed about it giving every appearance that he/she/it was floating toward the step.

it stopped just short of the steps revealing a sickle in it's right hand and it's left arm was silently extended toward the giver revealing skeletal forearm and hand in which it gripped a small black bag.

a treat was dropped into it's bag and it silently floated back into the night never to be seen again.

we stood there struck with awe, but also with fear - and a question for which we still have no answer;

was this a mere trick or treater or had we actually encountered

The Grim Reaper?


  1. Ooooh, now that's just spooky *shivers*

  2. happens to me all the time - though usually there are no witness'

  3. Sorry. Promise not to do that again.

  4. It was the Reaper, I tell you! The Reaper!

    The first time I tried to take Vlad trick-or-treating when he was 3, somebody in a Jason mask wielding a knife came to the door and scared the shit out of Vlad. That was enough to make him hate Halloween for the next 3 years!

  5. damn you man! and you will do it again if only because i enjoy being unnerved every once in a while.

    poor Vlad - that's not a sight that's easy to explain to a 3 year old.

    as a kid we stopped trick or treating in the well lit neighborhoods when a headless horseman - complete with horse and sword - rode through and sliced the bottoms off our pillow cases full of loot.

  6. Whoa! Headless horseman slicing your pillow cases? The agony of losing all that candy! Now THAT's scary!

  7. The cheeky blighter! He's just jealous because he has no head, he cannot enjoy the the satisfaction of delicious candy :)

    Out of curiosity what was in the treat bag the Grim reaper figure left behind?