Freshlike. The most like Fresh?

i was in a pissy mood yesterday - okay. i lied.
I've been in a pissy mood all month.
okay year....

in any event i started sending complaint notes to companies whom i have recently purchased sub-par items from.

Freshlike was one of those companies.
After the umpteenth can of Green Beans i opened only to find the contents inedible, i took this photo:

I sent the photo with a note to Freshlike/Birdseye informing them that these were the types of beans we were instructed to throw out when we grew and canned our own and had i wanted sub-par green beans i would have chosen to purchase a far less expensive brand.

They sent this note back:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. The product you are inquiring about is no longer produced by Birds Eye Foods. The current owner of Freshlike canned products is Allen Canning. If you would like to follow up with Allen Canning directly, please feel free to contact their Consumer Relations department at 1-800-234-2553.
Consumer Relations
Birds Eye Foods

So i look up Allen Canning to send them a note and what do i find?

Something far worse than i thought i'd gotten:

These people were told that because their foods were processed at a very high temperature they were sanitary and therefore edible.  Um....

Then again, but for the dead rat, these beans look better than mine did, don't you think?

My guess is that things have changed a lot since this incident in 2007

- And not for the better.


  1. Oh. Good. Grief. On both counts. Blergh.

  2. EWWWW! Throw out the beans... NOW! BLECH! I have a bad taste in my mouth just from looking at that!

  3. oh trust me they're gone.
    there's more to do with the canned dead mouse including this bit i found here:

    'Marianne Watson, the woman who found the head in the can bought from a Wal-Mart store, rejected a $100 settlement that Allen Canning offered her if she signed a liability release.

    "There's no way that product could have hurt her," Allen Canning spokesman James Phillips said in a telephone interview. "This rodent was rendered commercially sterile. We cook each can individually at a temperature up to 265 degrees."'

    oh hey, no problem then; let's eat.

  4. That is somewhat nasty. I think the rodent is slightly more appealing than the beans. You'd have thought they'd remove the fur.

  5. I loved this entry, made me chuckle throughout :)