i just called to say i love you

my daughter called late last night.

we chatted about her new house.

we chatted about my well being and hers.

we chatted about kids and life and weather.

and then she said;

mom, the reason i really called is because i needed to tell you just how much i love you and dad and how much i appreciate knowing you are there for me. knowing without a doubt how much you love me. i had to. today i was at a funeral and all i could think about was making sure you knew without a doubt exactly how much i love you.

a few weeks ago her friend was married and his father was dancing at his wedding. a few days ago his father died. suddenly and without warning. he was 53.

life changes in the blink of an eye when we least expect it and we're left to up the pieces as best we can and move on with only the memories.

i just called to say i love you . . . something so simple but so profound.

go ahead. pick up that phone and let them know. be that fool you think it might make you. you may never get another chance.


  1. Well, of course if you'd only switch your damned Skype on *cough* folk would call you and profess their affections more often.