Scarlet O'Hara In Training

Yesterday while shopping for groceries I overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter.

I wasn't eavesdropping mind you, the conversation caught my attention only because the tiny child [who might have been 5] was wearing a pink flowered dress and sparkling diamond heel ensemble. This ensemble was accessorized by a cleverly placed white hat, a pair of white gloves that ended just past her elbows, and a smart white purse with diamond clasp.

I had clearly been upstaged.

The mother is calmly shopping. Ignoring that the well dressed nap taker perched on the end of her cart is dangling by mere fingers readying herself to jump in front of two speeding wheels.

with a sigh of utter frustration the little girl says;
… but mommmmmm! I LOST it.

“But darling, if I buy you another and we find the one you have at home, you’ll have two. You don’t need two.”

… but I lost it so I won’t have two. I will only have ONE.”

“But maybe, just maybe, you can find the one you lost.”

Her eyes roll as she dangles ever closer to the speeding wheels.

but moOOOm…it's lost." she enunciates that last word again; "LLLLOOOOOSSSSSTTTTTT! How will I ever find it?

“well, sweetheart, where is the last place you saw it?”

And the tiny girl sighs with exhausted desperation. She drops her purse into the cart with a heavy thud and brings her little white gloved hand over her forehead while dropping her head back as far as she can without actually jumping and says;

oh mother. That was yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago, how am I ever ever EVER supposed to remember that?"