that's my brother

the neighborhood cats are constantly marking territory.

mistakenly they assume my slider door is theirs.

my grandchildren are here happily playing together when my just learned to crawl grandson performs an amazing feet. he crawls over to the slider, makes his way up the glass and leans there against it triumphantly surveying the great outdoors.

and me? well, i notice that there on the outside of the glass is a nice thick line of cat spray.

"go'damn it all! is that cat piss on my slider door again!?"

i'd said it before i thought. i shouldn't have sworn in front of two tiny angels - especially when the parents were present. i slapped my hand over my mouth in horror.

and my 3 year old granddaughter, gives me a 'what in the world is wrong with you?' look and quips back;

"no grama, (thats not cat piss) that's my brother."

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  1. What a hoot! Cats, grandkids... guess they all have to mark their territory in some way! Lucky you to have grandkids to entertain, amuse and warp!