somebody was fired today, i'm sure of it.

you gotta love small town grocery stores and the folks that
work there or -after the first view of this sign by the manager - do not work there.

it would appear that they are selling ten pound bags of pot for the low low price of $2.49 - which i'd bet is a steal. but you'd have to ask somebody in the community who doesn't grow their own.

my sister-in-law reminded everybody that our annual Coast Guard Festival starts today and it might be a good idea to stock up on supplies right there at Orchard Market.

i think she's right, it could certainly make the tourists and the traffic jams they create far more enjoyable.

if nothing else i'd bet it beefs up their business this week!

me, i wonder if that's what's in the Laker's pipe?

and might that be why he's smilin' 24/7 ??


  1. Fired? For making a public service announcement? The shame of it!

    And welcome back, we have missed you.

  2. $2.49 is way less than a lid cost when I was in college 30+ years ago! So $2.49 for 10# would be amazing! Must be reverse inflation.

    But, ah, all the disappointed stoners when they try to put that in their pipe and smoke it! Miracles sometimes do happen, though! Enjoy the 10# of pot!