a straight little line

the following is not mine. it's from a book that i quite enjoyed and it's just here for safe keeping.

for some reason which i don't understand yet, it spoke to me.

won't tell you here where i got it from so kudo's to you if you already know. ;)

i hope its clear that i was really really trying not to be weird about the way things were. all the time i was telling myself; just enjoy it for what it is. don't be weird. don't get all screwed up over something that isn't.


  1. That's good advice for everyone. I think way too much, find meaning in the randomness. There is none. It just is. So why worry? We're all with you, we all care; I tell you this so you don't need to wonder about that either. And because it's nice to say so.

  2. I assumed the comment would be someone telling me who the quote i used belonged to. or saying; that's mine, REMOVE IT! =P
    Yes, it struck me because of it's reference to overthinking something wonderful instead of just letting it be exactly what it is.
    As for the rest, thank you for saying so. =)