no use crying over

spilt milk.

for the past month i have been promising myself that tomorrow i will do nothing at all but things that make me smile.

and the sun comes up and the sun goes down and there i am promising myself that tomorrow i will do nothing but those things that make me smile...

but as always there is "eolist petite's" laws.
you know the ones
- best laid plans...
- if something can go wrong...
- just when you think things are running smoothly...

so this morning i wake after a troubled nights sleep and i think;
it's raining, i'm tired, it's cold, i have nothing on the calendar...

my god! today is the day!
be good to yourself and do only things that make you smile!
even in my email there is a note that says; 'it's raining today! you can finally RELAX!'
it's a sign!

i start my coffee
get my big comfy clothes on
find my book
locate my old sweater
and fluff the pillow on the sofa

the coffee starts to send it's scent through the house - yeah that's what i'm talking about!
i realize i am smiling as i make dark rye toast, spread it with orange marmalade and put it on a china plate. mmmm...

i search through the fridge for that special sweet cream i buy just for me and find that as i pour the coffee in my favorite mug i'm humming - jingle bells in fact. (its the song i always seem to hum when i'm happy)

Damn! it IS going to be a great day!

and then i shake the cream.


the top isn't on tight.

who knew?

sweet sticky cream everywhere but in my coffee.

on the counter
on the floor
on the fridge
on the cabinet doors
it's even inside the cabinet drawers

and there am i on my hands and knees with a soapy wet sponge thinking;
yep. somebody is definitely testing my sense of humor.


  1. As followers of my blog will tell you, I HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOUR. This is doubly true for situations like you describe. NOOOOOOO! I am not a man of faith, but I offer the thought; when god created days off, he was only kidding.

  2. agreed. days off are definitely a joke.
    what is that saying?
    if you can't laugh at yourself, everybody else will do it for you?