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Do Not Send Ransom

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eolistpetite said...
fo cuorse yuo raeleiz, ym fiendr, evnetaully ouy wlil evah ot litf taht vile. !!ahahahawb
Indigo Roth said...
Just in case today's blog entry makes no sense to anyone: click here. And it's a lot harder to do that it seems!

interesting theory in that link;

buseace the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

and it could be true. though if you can decipher what i jumbled in my previous post you will know that isn't true. it simply makes it easier when the first and last letter are where they should be.

my reasoning - which comes not from books or education but from teaching small children who had a very difficult time learning how to read and write;

we learn words by the sounds that go with actions
we learn to talk by mimicking those sounds to communicate what we need.

we may learn alphabet letters by sight, but i will argue that we cannot use those letters without first learning the sounds that they make.

reading and writing come from learning how to construct those simple letter sounds into words.

therefore; if you know the sounds the letters make you can guess what words someone is attempting to write no matter how they are spelled.

certainly it is far more involved than my simple dribble here, but i dare say efficiency in reading incorrectly spelled/jumbled words in sequence only became difficult by education and it's rules. ;)


  1. You may be onto something. And of course TEACHERS can read anything, no matter how badly spelled, grammatically incorrect and obtuse. They get a feel for it. We are flexible creatures =)

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  3. oops. pardon me, the previous comment deletion was unintended *blush*

    what you're saying is that the/this teacher may have an insiders advantage from helping children create words on their own. could be. i've seen many crude versions of the same word. though i have to admit, i am far better at spotting them when they don't containt vowels. ;)

    lf z a wdfl thng
    [life is a wonderful thing]